Monday, 24 August 2015

Got Item! Review

Review by Travis
Got Item! came out of nowhere. I had never heard of the artist and when he submit his work to this blog I had low expectations. The low expectations were blown out of the water. Got Items! first release is an incredibly well produced affair.

"Mario Party Foul" is a good opener to the album. It has an intro type feel to it. I typically like to listen to albums startto finish so it is always nice for me to see something put together cohesively.
"Personally, I Prefer the Air" introduces vocals to the album. I like Steven Dunn's screams. His high's are really nice. The high screams remind me of some of the mathcore/post hardcore bands I used to rock
out to a few years ago (which brings me back to a great period of music in my life). The vocals also give me a slight iamerror vibe.
Great breakdown in the aforementioned track. "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy"has a Mega Man type feel to the guitars. The song features a Djenty part with some dissonant jabs at the guitar. I like parts like that.
"Cinnabar" is a good break from the core as the 4th song on the release. "Friendly Fire" is my least favourite track on the album. With that being said I really enjoyed it when the nintendo style lead came in to the picture. It being my least favourite track does not mean it is bad, just not really my thing. It has a sort
of Southern Rock feel to the main guitar riff and I'm not a big Southern Rock guy. This song felt as if it was the least cohesive and to me was filled with parts that didn't always gel. Good breakdown. "No Sanctuary" has the feeling of being the finisher to the album. It accomplishes what it sets out to do. Nice
synth and guitar on this one.

This album/artist really came out of left field for me. I had never heard his work before and was incredibly impressed. I look forward to hearing more work from Got Item!.The real strength on this album is production quality. I don't know how much they paid to make this album but it sounds like it cost money to have the production value that was present. This release definitely does not have a "DIY" feel to it. Some nintendocore releases are grindy, some are polished, different strokes for different folks.  

Artist-Got Item!
Album- Got Item!
Date- July 2015
Genre: Nintendocore,Post-Hardcore

Track List:
1.Mario Party Foul 01:06
2.Personally, I Prefer the Air 03:17
3.Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy 02:42
4.Cinnabar 00:52
5.Friendly Fire 02:52
6.No Sanctuary 03:19

Cyber Life Split by Pulse Machine/I Killed Techno

Artist-Pulse Machine/I Killed Techno
Album- Cyber Life Split
Date- August 2015
Genre: Cybergrind, Electronic

Track List:
1.I Killed Techno! - 6 Pacifists In Search Of A Strip Club 00:35
2.I Killed Techno! - Killer Kunts From Outerspace 00:40
3.I Killed Techno! - The Decline Of Windows '95 01:10
4.I Hang With Lil Troy 01:25
5.Tape Deck Debacle 01:41
6.Untitled Butthole Song 01:32

Monday, 10 August 2015

Songs Unsung by Unicorn Hole

Artist-Unicorn Hole
Album- Songs Unsung
Date- July 2015
Country-Pelion,South Carolina
Genre: Nintendocore

Track List:
1.Hedgehogs and Chili Dogs 03:52
2.Glitch Slap 04:35
3.Stranger Danger 05:20
4.Everybody, Stalfos 02:15
5.The King of Evil 06:37

Emily with a V by Evaleigh

Album- Emily with a V
Date- August 2015
Country-Montgomery Village,Maryland
Genre: Nintendocore,Metal,Rock

Track List:
1.Hours Laugh 04:14 
2.Final Heaven 03:00   
3.Contra 03:43  
4.Crissaegrim 04:19 
5.Slash Crazy Hyper Drive 03:38 
6.Blink 03:55  
7.Battle for Cor 03:54 
8.Blaze Fielding 03:19
9.For we drift, at daybreak 03:47
10.GO 03:41   
11.Sice 03:35  
12.Persephone 03:40   
13.October, Sometime 03:10   
14.Star Cruiser 03:51 
15.Tartarus @12 04:02
16.A winner is YOU 03:51
17.  Circle Strafe 03:29  
18.1800Croftown 02:20   
19.Swoon (After) Party Remix ft. Matt White 03:43
20.Snow Black 04:51
21.Glass 02:58
22.No Level Cap 03:39