Saturday, 25 July 2015

Got Item! by Got Item!

Artist-Got Item!
Album- Got Item!
Date- July 2015
Genre: Nintendocore,Post-Hardcore

Track List:
1.Mario Party Foul 01:06
2.Personally, I Prefer the Air 03:17
3.Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy 02:42
4.Cinnabar 00:52
5.Friendly Fire 02:52
6.No Sanctuary 03:19

Shotgun Guy and Ragebomb Split by Shotgun Guy/Ragebomb

Artist-Ragebomb/Shotgun Guy
Album- Ragebomb/Shotgun Guy Split
Date- July 2015
Genre: Cybergrind, Grindcore,Nintendocore

Track List:
1.Burger (Killing) Time 01:20
2.Crime Kingpin (Ft. Max Fleischmann) 00:47
3.Memesman (HTB cover/remix) 01:05
4.Sick'em Snot 00:53
5.Super Sonic 00:49
6.Termin...Uh... (Ft. Max Fleischmann) 02:01
7.Ragebomb - You Has Been Warned 00:39
8.Ragebomb - It's A Wrong Way 00:10
9.Ragebomb - Slave To Machinery 00:36
10.Ragebomb - The Worst Thing Can Happen... 00:44
11.Ragebomb - Robot's Nightmare 00:41
12.Ragebomb - Freed From Iron Fist 00:33
13.Ragebomb - I Already Bored With Your Bullshit 00:39
14.Ragebomb - I Have No Ambition 00:45
15.Ragebomb - Mission Aborted 00:43
16.Ragebomb - First Attack 00:48
17.Ragebomb - I Don't Want To Work Today Because I'm Sleepy 00:08
18.Ragebomb - Fake Doomsday Theory 01:00

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Memory Card by Senpai Suicide Club

Artist-Senpai Suicide Club
Album- Memory Card
Date- July 2015
Genre: Cybergrind, Nintendocore

Track List:
1.!Candy Crush! Is AIDS!! 01:10
2.Infinite Inventory 01:40
3.Krystal Of Cerinia 00:53
4.Lvl. 50 Digi-Bard 01:34
5.03/10/15, The Day We Were Wrong 00:52
6.YOU DIED 01:18
7.Agent 47's Barcode Tattoo 00:41   
8.Lucrecia Crescent 01:41 

Cel Shade Seppuku by Various Artist

Artist-Senpai Suicide Club, a cellophane jackal, Rotten Blood
Album- Cel Shade Seppuku
Date- May 2015
Country-Canada, USA
Genre: Cybergrind, Nintendocore, lolicore

Track List:1.a cellophane jackal - eat shit and live forever 04:08
2.a cellophane jackal - using my body to worship myself 01:52
3.a cellophane jackal - a sad death alone in a cave 03:35
4.Rotten Blood - Stuck 03:25
5.Rotten Blood - Your Being is a Lie 03:07
6.Rotten Blood - Dont Walk Away 01:58
7.Senpai Suicide Club - The Great Ape War 00:43
8.Senpai Suicide Club - PaRappa The Rapper On The Beat 00:51
9.Senpai Suicide Club - Stay Gold Ponyta 01:13

Friday, 3 July 2015

Now Here by Painted In

Artist-Painted In
Album- Now Here
Date- January 2015
Genre: Chipgaze

Track List:

1.Caricature 03:19
2.There's Still Time 02:01
3.Flower 01:39
4.Pull 02:21
5.You Through Me 02:56
6.Never Leave Again 01:42
7.My Body is Wrong 02:25   
8.And Far Away 02:18

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Review:Twilight City by Are You Afraid Of The Dog

Artist-Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Album- Twilight City
Date- June 2015
Genre:Nintendocore, Chiptune

Track List:

1.Prelude 01:53
2.Soaring 02:21
3.Mer Bleue 03:05
4.Futuristic 03:15
5.Castle 02:25
6.Corridor 01:55
7.Fortress 02:25
8.Illuminate 02:39
9.Pinnacle 03:27
10.Denouement 04:10

What a great and appropriate title "Twilight City" is. Are You Afraid of the Dog's new full-length CD is a moody chiptune adventure indeed. The album art also perfectly captures the essence of the melancholy and nostalgic tunes. Travis' concise description of the album expands further on its themes, calling it "the soundtrack to [his] life." All these aspects come together with the music for a CD that is truly an experience, if given adequate attention.

    The music itself is obviously reminiscent of the NES and SNES days of gaming- pretty much a given in the chiptune genre. For me this style is inherently nostalgic; I find myself drifting back to the days when my main goals in life were completing levels and defeating bosses. But unlike many other chiptune artists, AYAOTD captures those feelings in the music itself and comes full circle- at least for me. Everything is well composed from start to finish. There are no icky notes or poor transitions to distract the listener from the atmosphere the CD creates. So once you take the bait, you're hooked.

    There are some things I might have done differently. Most of the tracks fade out at the end, and I'm typically against that. Sometimes it fits in this CD's case, but other times I wish the song had a more definite conclusion. Twilight City also features some heavier sections that I would have liked more if they'd kept the mood of the song present at the same time. These are just small nitpicks though. The melodies themselves always stay focused, and never feel hammy or gaudy.

    Twilight City makes me wish I could go back in time for one night. Wish I could be a kid again- playing my SNES with nothing else in the world on my mind. A CD that makes me say "wow, that's catchy!" or "ohh, nasty breakdown!" is one thing. A CD that gives me an emotional response and changes the rest of my day is something else entirely. I'm not gonna give it a number score, because that doesn't really add anything to what I've said. The CD is well written, themed, and produced. I'd most certainly recommend it to anyone.

Favorite track: Mer Bleue. It brings Aquatic Ambiance from DKC to mind, which is always a good thing. No track stands out as being my least favorite.