Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Genesis by Arjax

Artist- Arjax
Album- Genesis
Date- December 2017
Country-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Facebook-Feed The Bears
Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/feed-the-bears

Track List:
1.Genesis (Introduction) 01:45
2.Into the Blue 05:06
3.SuperRobotKidAdventures 03:46
4.Future Vision 03:06
5.Cell 04:48
6.Free 03:57 


Saturday, 9 December 2017

Nintendocore Goes 90s by Nintendocore Lives/Various Artists

Artist-Various Artists/Nintendocore Lives
Album- Nintendocore Goes 90s
Date- December 2017

Genre:Nintendocore, Metalcore, Deathcore
Facebook-Nintendocore Lives

Track List:
1.Nuerra - 90s Dance Mix (Rednex, Captain Jack, Real McCoy) 04:40
2.Weekly Words And Grammar feat. Shotgun Guy - I Saw the Sign (Ace Of Base) 02:43
3.Feed The Bears - What's My Age Again (Blink-182) 02:30
4.Out of Lives - Go-Go Power Rangers (Power Rangers Theme) 03:09
5.SWIMlovesyou - Over (Portishead) 03:56
6.Princess Danky - Buddy Holly (Weezer) 02:40
7.Anti-PizzaBoy feat. Proto Buster - Rock is Dead (Marilyn Manson) 03:41
8.Codex Orzhova - Tourettes (Nirvana) 01:22
9.Are You Afraid of the Dog feat. Dustin E. - Foolish Games (Jewel) 03:25
10.Unicorn Hole - Main Title (Dragon Ball Z) 02:02
11.She Wants The D-Pad - Wasting Time (Blink-182) 02:49
12.bm_128 - Well Known Sinner (Archive) 05:45
13.Proto Buster - Slave to the Grind (Skid Row) 03:18
14.Starcutter - Kiss From a Rose (Seal) 03:59
15.Leave Luck to Hell - Crazy For You (Slowdive) 04:39 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Digital Sea by ZOMBIESHARK!

Album- A Sinking Ship
Date- September 2012
Country- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Genre: Nintendocore, Deathcore

Track List:
1.X.S.L.T. 01:54
2.The Digital Sea 02:56
3.Airplane Mode (feat. GO:ESKIMO) 02:07
4.E-Mail Bankruptcy 02:36
5.404 (feat. GOT ITEM!) 03:17 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Cultural Appropriation by Kawaii Killing Spree

Artist -Kawaii Killing Spree
Album-Cultural Appropriation
Date- November 2017
Country-Ottawa, Canada
Facebook-Kawaii Killing Spree

Track List:
1.I've walked the Walk, talked the Talk, pulled the Pud & trashed the Sock 01:09
2.Deep Space VoreGore 00:16
3.Kawaii Gore Club 00:10
4.Crawling The Deepest Depths of the Dark Web 01:12
5.Z O I D S 00:27
6.Onii-Chan Chain Torture 00:39
7.C Y B E R T H R A L L 00:10
8.Weeaboo Fukboi Ritual 00:20
9.Obsidian Otaku 00:12
10.I Killed Fitty Men 00:16
11.Ooze 00:11
12.NekroComicon 00:11
13.Hululu X Grape-Kun 00:25
14.Uzumaki 00:27
15.Sent To The Shadow Realm 00:20
16.Sonichu 00:39
17.delusions of having a trap girlfriend 00:40
18.Lolicon you stick your dick in a Blender 00:12
19.Waifu Mecha Love Grind 00:34  
20.King of the Hill is the Best Anime 00:17
21.With God & Anime By My Side 00:14
22.Datageist 00:30
23.Ancient Psychic Taden War Elephant 00:13
24.Bright Souls & Sun Bros (Blessed With Good Ol' Jolly Cooperation 00:16
25.Neon Demon Lvl 666 00:12

Monday, 20 November 2017

Succ my life by Error37

Artist - Error37
Album-Succ my life
Date- November 2017
Facebook-Error 37
Genre:Nintendocore, Deathtronica, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Ed Geins Mean Bean Machine 03:27
2.Sir Dewsteins Revenge 03:06
3.XxKangaxCorexX 03:57
4.Relaxulate 03:05
5.Cpt. Cone Puncher 03:14
6.My Fingers Run Faster Than My Brain 02:50
7.Ruining Art as a Medium 03:40
8.L8_17 03:00
9.Majora's Mask 03:04

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Crown Of Death by Crystal Cavern

Artist-Crystal Cavern
Album-The Crown Of Death
Date- November 2017
Country-Charleston, SC
Facebook- Crystal Cavern
Genre:Nintendocore, Deathcore

1.An Intro To Party To 01:51
2.Sarcophagus 01:44
3.Phoenix 01:14
4.Critical Hit 00:58
5.The Crown Of Death 03:18
6.Sarcophagus Part II (Featuring BASS GHOST) 02:07
7.Rot 01:17
8.Dark Cloud 01:56
9.Tranquility 01:09
10.The End Is Where It All Began 00:52

Monday, 6 November 2017

Reality Beyond the Horizon by Anti-PizzaBoy

Artist- Anti-PizzaBoy
Album- Reality Beyond the Horizon
Date- November 2017
Country-Krasnodar, Russia
Genre: Nintendocore
Track List:
1.Welcome! 01:06
2.Soundtrack for QTE Battle 02:20
3.His Name Is Freezing (feat. Unicorn Hole) 03:58
4.W.A.I.F.U. 02:30
5.Player vs. Player (feat. Semyon Bolton) 03:38
6.Don't Worry, Everything Comes to an End 01:54
7.Diclonius (feat. ThyHarvesting) 03:12
8.Noire Dreams 03:50
9.Bloodlines (feat. Shotgun Guy) 03:17
10.Go Home 05:54

Sounds of Post​-​Soviet Fakebit by Various Artists

Artist- Various Artists
Album- Sounds of Post-Soviet Fakebit
Date- October 2017
Genre: Nintendocore

Track List:
1.NinKorr - Rus' 02:32
2.The Curse Of The Dead Chips - Sadness Bears 03:40
3.Shumanga - Soviet Boy 03:12
4.Pavel "Kingdom" Graff - Ангел и Звездопад 08:00
5.Girls Eating Boys - Chelovek i Neko 02:21
6.шумные и угрожающие выходки - баребухи 02:29
8.Lil' Grin - Fucking Motherland 03:13
9.Cojam - Russky Hacker 05:10
10.Super Awkward Lizard - Mountain Of Brutality 02:26
11.Anti-PizzaBoy - Rave On in a Cold Night 04:34
12.Capybara Fucking Pirate Destroyer - Будни 02:06

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Interview With Heptaedium


We at N-Core Lives decided to do an interview with Heptaedium. Hailing from Paris, France and billing his music as Baguettecore, he recently released "How Long Shall I Suffer Here ?". Heptaedium appeared on the N-Core Lives "Glitched" comp and released two great Nintendocore albums "Kawaii!!" and "Underground Business".  The interview was conducted by Travis. Heptaedium's most recent album can be found at https://heptaedium.bandcamp.com/releases

I am happy to be doing this interview as I am a fan of yours. Each album you have released has been enjoyable. We at N-Core Lives were happy to feature you on the compilation album "Glitched". You just released "How Long Shall I Suffer Here?” so I figured it was good time to reach out to you for an interview. How are you?

Not too bad thanks. It's a shared pleasure.

One of the reasons I have enjoyed your work so much is that it is super heavy. The guitar work in your music is certainly a staple in the Heptaedium sound. What kind of guitar do you use and what sort of amp/FX processor do you use in your recording process?

Happy you appreciate. This album is indeed way more "guitaristic" than the previous ones. It is also more more violent, raw, direct, dark...

I got an ESP Horizon fr 2 and a Jackson Soloist. Both tuned in drop B (B, F#, B, E, G#, C#) with fat string gauge (12/56 ErnieBall). For this album I mostly used the Soloist.

And I also used a POD HD PRO X or the guitar amp emulation. After messing around and experimenting you can easily find some aggressive sounds in it.

How did your relationship with Apathia Records begin?

I knew this label for a while because some of the bands I really appreciate are part of their roster (Pryapisme =^..^= , HAH, öOoOoOoOoOo ...). Once "How Long Shall I Suffer Here ?" finished I sent them. They appreciated my universe and then I signed with Apathia.

Do you mind being labelled as Nintendocore? How do you see your music in terms of genre?

Not really but it kindles people's curiosity. Actually I even think Nintendocore is more a movement than a music style. I mean, there are a lot of artists self-proclaimed "Nintendocore" who play every kind of metal. The compilation you just mentioned is a good example, and that's pretty great!

I often say as a joke I play "Baguettecore" to not rack my brain. Try to explain to someone else this kind of music... I gave up haha

Are there any artists you are really enjoying right now?

Yes ! Agalloch, Bell Witch, Veil Of Maya, Frontierer, Hate Eternal, The Algorithm, Pryapisme, Venetian Snares, Oyaarss and many many more...

Is there anything you can tell us about your creative process? Do you start with guitar riffs, synth lines, etc?

It depends. Most of the time I start wanting to express my feelings, strumming my guitar for a while, finding some drum patterns, and then add synths.
It works like an adventure.
I very rarely start a music by the end ... Usually I start with the first riff, then the second, the third so on... and then I see where it leads me! Sometimes it's just a dead end, sometimes I have moments of doubts, sometimes there is a plot twist! And I try to advance to the end of the story.

Do you make your albums with song placement in mind? When “If The World Would Stop Spinning I Don’t Think I’d Miss It” I felt like it was perfectly placed in the middle of the album. Was that intentional?

Yes, most of the time when I finish a music I know where it will take place in the album, if it goes well with another or not. That's my way to tell a little story, to make travel.

Do you have a favorite VST?

With no hesitations, Chipsounds from Plogue. It's kind like the motherships, no, the final boss of the chiptunes VST! It's very comprehensive! I even BOUGHT it, just to say.

What is next for Heptaedium?

First I'm gonna bite something because I'm really hungry.
Eventually later in the day I would go poop because I did not poop yesterday. Something is already knocking at the gate.
Also, a 7 tracks EP is planned for February 2018!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

SSC​/​/​KnH by Senpai Suicide Club & Kizumono no Hanako

Artist- Senpai Suicide Club & Kizumono no Hanako
Album- SSC//Knh
Date- October 2017
Country-Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: Cybergrind,Nintendocore
Facebook:Senpai Suicide Club
Track List:
1.Senpai Suicide Club - Serene & Cierra 00:59
2.Kizumono no Hanako - 兄の変態 02:48

Sunday, 8 October 2017

How Long Shall I Suffer Here ? by Heptaedium

Artist- Heptadium
Album-How Long Shall I Suffer Here?
Date- October 2017
Country-Paris, France
Genre: Nintendocore, Metal, Djent
Track List:
1.Enter 01:32
2.How Long Shall I Suffer Here ? 03:13
3.When I'll Die... All Will Be Lost Forever Gone 03:39
4.Subpixel Carryover 03:33
5.If The World Would Stop Spinning I Don't Think I'd Miss It 03:50
6.Asphyxiate 03:59
7.Mara 03:20
8.I Wanna Make You Believe In Me 03:16
9.But I Feel So Weird These Days 02:55
10.I'm So Scared 01:41

Arcana Profane by Unicorn Hole

Artist- Unicorn Hole
Album-Arcana Profane
Date-September 2017
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook: Unicorn Hole

Track List:
1.Which Witch Two 03:50
2.Til Stigmas Cease 03:02
3.Steadfast Outcast 03:20
4.Chill for a Spell 04:00
5.Arcana Profane 03:12
6.The Setting Obscene 04:00
7.Kat and Mouse 03:36
8.Mismatch / Impact 04:01
9.At Sixes and Sevens 05:02
10.Peril Impending 04:36

Vol. 1: Enter Command by Bad Command Co_

Artist- Bad Command Co_
Album- Vol. 1: Enter Command
Date- September 2017
Country-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Facebook-Feed The Bears
Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/feed-the-bears
Genre: Nintendocore

Track List:
1.Arjax - SuperRobotKidAdventures 03:46
2.Noichan - FEELIN' IT 03:16
3.Feed The Bears & Noichan - Samurai Speed 04:47
4.ABBI - Teamwork! 02:45
5.Feed The Bears - It's 20XX (Arjax Remix) 03:18
6.Kōri - ILU ILU 03:19
7.Noichan - Binary 02:40
8.Erick - Woof 02:06
9.Noichan & ABBI - 2Activate 01:43
10.Feed The Bears - Tetris Apocalypse 01:53
11.Arjax - Future Vision 03:09
12.Noichan - Stoopid Sexxxi Flanderz 02:18
13.The Queenstons - Humanoid (Feed The Bears Remix) 03:41
14.Kōri - 10 A.M. 02:48
15.Kōri & ABBI - Macropetala 04:15

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Scars by Nuerra

Date- September 2017
Genre:Nintendocore, Metalcore

1.Attack Order 00:33
2.A Terrible Fate 04:40
3..Aces and the Joker 04:22
4.Star Matrix View 01:32
5.Darkness on the Horizon 04:54
6.Vital Spirit 02:36
7.Star Matrix View II 01:03
8.Forest Valley 04:51
9.I Feel Asleep 05:02
10.Hero's Shade 02:23

Infinite Loop by Crystal Cavern

Artist-Crystal Cavern
Album-Infinite Loop
Date- August 2017
Country-Charleston, SC
Facebook- Crystal Cavern
Genre:Nintendocore, Deathcore

1.Daedric Spell 01:20
2.Halo 01:58
3.Infinite Loop 02:35
4.Swallow My Eyes 01:24

Monday, 21 August 2017

Cybergrind: And So Can You! by Shotgun Guy / Kizumono no Hanako / Corvid Canine

Artist-Shotgun Guy / Kizumono no Hanako / Corvid Canine
Album-  Cybergrind: And So Can You! by Shotgun Guy
Date-August 2017
Genre: Cybergrind/Nintendocore
Facebook: Shotgun Guy 
                  Corvid Canine

Track List:
1.Shotgun Guy - Nintendon't Ft Dustin Elmore 03:17
2.Shotgun Guy - Suffer The Bide 01:26
3.Kizumono no Hanako - 女はキモい 01:00  
4.Kizumono no Hanako - バカにされたい 02:22
5.Kizumono no Hanako - 初めての夢精 01:34 
6.Corvid Canine - Staph Epidermidis 01:16 
7.Corvid Canine - Only So Far I Can Go 01:10 
8.Corvid Canine - New Life Built From A Withered Cage 01:14
9.Corvid Canine - Rainbow Road (Iamerror Cover) 01:26

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Flowerviolence by Potato Hate Explosion


Artist-Potato Hate Explosion
Date-August 2017
Country-Bowling Green, Missouri
Genre: Cybergrind
Facebook:Potato Hate Explosion

Track List:
1.Flowerviolence 02:53
2.Cherryhouse 04:49
3.Limehouse 03:03
4.Megafauna 03:00
5.Purple Zephyr 03:20
6.Centerpiece 03:50
7.By Blood 02:47
8.Channel 03:06
9.Primal Revival 03:56
10.20/20/20 03:33
11.Citrus Sun 02:43

[CYBER_SPACE] by ThyHarvesting

Artist- ThyHarvesting
Date-August 2017
Genre: Trancecore
Facebook: ThyHarvesting

Track List:
1.Enter_Frontier 08:17
2.N.E.R.V. 06:02
3.DIGI-Legacy 07:33
4.Cyber_Dragoon 06:02
5.Silver Millennium 09:08
6.D30XYS 05:21
7.[Light-Hawk-Wings] 04:29
8.Galactic-Leyline 08:09
9.Running in the 90s (Cover/Remix) 06:0

Monday, 17 July 2017

Legend Of The Light Gem [Instrumental] by Unicorn Hole

Artist- Unicorn Hole
Album-Legend Of The Light Gem [Instrumental]
Date-July 2017
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook: Unicorn Hole

Track List:
1.Which Witch Won? (Instrumental)  04:01
2.Legend of the Light Gem (Instrumental) 03:35
3.Another Adventure (Instrumental) 04:05
4.Silver the Sinister (Instrumental) 03:10
5.Discord Explored (Instrumental) 03:18
6.The Sandstorm Sudden (Instrumental) 03:10
7.A Confounding Find (Instrumental) 03:09
8.Rematch / Dispatch (Instrumental) 03:03
9.The King's Right Hand (Instrumental) 02:41
10.Ghael the Grey (Instrumental) 04:43 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Twenty Years Of Snow by Weekly Words And Grammar


Artist-Weekly Words And Grammar
Album-Soul Of The Machine II
Date-December 2018
Genre: Nintendocore, Deathcore
Facebook: Weekly Words And Grammar

Track List:
1.Metal Slugs 01:21
2.Dark Matter 01:28
3.Angel 01:52
4.Holy Quest 01:24
5.Ira Vehementi 02:35
6.Red Alert! 00:46
7.Frozen 01:45
8.Ghosts 01:36
9.Mechanical Waltz 02:01 

Friday, 7 July 2017

Despair Horizons Split by Shumanga and Cojam

Artist- Shumanga and Cojam
Album- Despair Horizons Split
Date- June 2017
Country- Leningradskaya oblast, Russia
Facebook- Cojam
Website- http://cojam.ru , https://vk.com/shumangashu
Genre: Experimental, Nintendocore, Electronic, Glitch

1.Cojam - Kris's Dysphoria 04:24
2.Shumanga - Ashley Theme 03:12
3.Cojam - The Library 07:38
4.Shumanga - Datura 03:40
5.Cojam - Together 06:01
6.Shumanga - "I Will Find Her" 03:16
7.Shumanga - Good Ending 03:55

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Dungeon Crawler by Nintendocore Lives/Various

Artist-Various Artists/Nintendocore Lives
Album- Dungeon Crawler
Date- June 2017

Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind, Deathcore, Metalcore
Facebook-Nintendocore Lives

Track List:
1.Unicorn Hole feat. Dustin E - Enter Dungeon 03:48
2.Starcutter feat. Mitch R - The Descent 03:55
3.Feed The Bears - Dungeon Dingus 03:09
4.SWIMlovesyou feat. Starcutter - Batfish 03:47
5.Shotgun Guy Feat. Feed The Bears - Mental War 04:22
6.Weekly Words And Grammar - Tattered Veil 02:15
7.Anti-PizzaBoy feat. Crashie Tunez - Promise Of The Beast 04:23
8.Are You Afraid Of The Dog & She Wants The D-Pad - Shambled Legacy (feat. Shotgun Guy) 02:58
9.A Challenger Approaches - Perpetual Puzzle (feat. Muffin) 05:05
10.Proto Buster - the Deepest Of Dungeons 02:50
11.Robin H. Bonnet - Fallow Lair Of The Aspired Recognition 02:47
12.She Wants The D-Pad & ZOMBIESHARK! - Solitare [Confinement] 04:38
13.Zorldo Kang - Mirrors 04:21

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Legend Of The Light Gem by Unicorn Hole

Artist- Unicorn Hole
Album-Legend Of The Light Gem
Date-May 2017
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook: Unicorn Hole

Track List:
1.Which Witch Won? 04:01
2.Legend of the Light Gem 03:35
3.Another Adventure 04:05
4.Silver the Sinister 03:10
5.Discord Explored 03:18
6.The Sandstorm Sudden 03:10
7.A Confounding Find 03:09
8.Rematch / Dispatch 03:03
9.The King's Right Hand 02:41
10.Ghael the Grey 04:43 

Message From The Stars by Crashie Tunez

Artist-Crashie Tunez
 Album-Message From The Stars
Date-May 2017
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Crashie Tunez

Track List:
1.Introductiion 00:46
2.Measure 01:20
3.Bloodlust 01:40
4.Anti Brony Br00tality 00:46
5.Oceans of Diversity 02:00
6.Clockwise 02:10

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Habitat II by Feed The Bears

Artist-Feed The Bears
Album-Habitat II
Date- April 2017
Country-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Facebook-Feed The Bears
Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/feed-the-bears
Genre: Nintendocore

Track List:
1.Cold as Ice 02:08
2.Kong vs. Kong (ft. Shotgun Guy) 02:45
3.The Wario Kingdom 04:55
4.Zombdroid 02:44
5.Unfortunate Protagonist 03:10
6.Sequel 03:17
7.Renard - WI-FI BRIDGE (cover) 02:09

Some P​{​eople Neve​}​r Grow Up by Particle Damage

Artist- Particle Damage
Album- Some P​{​eople Neve​}​r Grow Up
Date- April 2017
Country-Poughkeepsie, New York
Facebook: Particle Damage

Track List:
1.The birth(and death) of Shanebot. 01:19
2.Put my body in the dumpster for the rats and seagulls to eat 01:40
3.Dr malkovitch, The great graphologist who studys the delicate calligraphy of the babylonians 00:42
4.Golden Meteor Shower 01:35
5.I can't remember the last time i smiled and meant it 01:48
6.Loading...Loading...Loading... 00:12
7.Don't worry about it because im not worrying about it ethier 00:06
8.The ballad of the terrible triumph of Thomas J. Cutekitten(Junior Birdman) 03:25
9.Pick up the phone. Hear it EXPLODE!!! 02:19
10.Unintentional Waffle Birth 00:33
11.The fucking worst of it. 02:12

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Heptaedium VS Cartoon Theory by Heptaedium & Cartoon Theory

Artist- Heptadium & Cartoon Theory
Album- Heptaedium VS Cartoon Theory
Date- March 2017
Country-Paris, France & Limoges, France
Genre: Djent,Breakcore,Nintendocore
Facebook: Heptaedium  
Cartoon Theory

Track List:
1.HEPTAEDIUM Nuker 03:20
2.HEPTAEDIUM Elk Cloner 04:33
3.HEPTAEDIUM Hydroid Medusa 02:57
5.CARTOON THEORY Roko's Basilik Experiment (Ft. Husa Toledo) 05:24
6.CARTOON THEORY Momijigari 紅葉狩り (Ft. Clément Belio) 03:56
7.CARTOON THEORY Hypermodernity (Ft. Juan Carlos Briceño Sánchez & Husa Toledo) 06:30 

Monday, 13 March 2017

Horrors Reborn by Crashie Tunez

Artist-Crashie Tunez
Album-Horrors Reborn
Date-March 2017
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Crashie Tunez

Track List:
1.Disembodied 01:29
2.Piles of Moral Disgust 01:58
3.Marehood Massacre 02:04
4.Underneath the Moon [Single version] 02:00
5.Dissection of One [Single version] 03:22

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

グレイブブラッドの魔女 by Cojam

Album- グレイブブラッドの魔女
Date- March 2017
Country- Leningradskaya oblast, Russia
Facebook- Cojam
Website- http://cojam.ru
Genre: Experimental, Nintendocore

1.Anxiety 01:09
2.Panties 05:07
3.Never (ft. Marisahates) 04:45
4.Fell In Love With A Vampire Girl 05:56
5.Save Vika 02:47
6.Graveblood River 02:57
7.Shadows Of Pines 05:30
8.Night Guests 04:10
9.The Nightmare 05:16
10.Touching The Star 05:40

Monday, 13 February 2017

CYBER ELITE 2K16 by Kitty On Fire Records

Artist-Kitty On Fire Records,Various Artists
Album-Cyber Elite 2K16
Date- February 2017
Facebook- Kitty On Fire Records
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Weekly Words and Grammar - Hikkikomori Diaries 02:28
2.Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar - Time is Bells (ft. Monomate) 02:15
3.Senpai Suicide Club - STOP!JUMP!DANGER! 01:09
4.Nekrock - The Moon, the Snow, and You 04:04
5.Shotgun Guy - And Then... (ft. Feed The Bears) 02:25
6.They Ate Isengard - Bowery 03:10
7.ZOMBIESHARK - 404 (ft. Got Item!) 03:18
8.She Wants the D Pad & Got Item! - Dig Up Her Bones (The Misfits Cover) 02:56
9.Corvid Canine - When Gardens Are Crushed, Wrath Is Sown 00:55
10.Error37 - xXCactaurXCoreXx 03:18
11.Lo Tek Dolphin Hackers - LIGHTNESS 02:00
12.Vomitblunt - SNEAKY WOOK MAGIC 00:51
13.a cellophane jackal - go to 7-11 and kill yourself 04:06

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Glitched by Nintendocore Lives (Various Artists)

Artist-Various Artists/Nintendocore Lives
Album- Glitched
Date- January 2017

Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind, Deathcore, Metalcore
Facebook-Nintendocore Lives

Track List:
1.Starcutter - File Not Found 03:17
2.Weekly Words And Grammar - Days of Ruin 02:22
3.Are You Afraid Of The Dog feat. Shotgun Guy - Corrin 03:36
4.Lost Number - Majora's Mixxx (Zelda's got a Tektite Ass) 04:46
5.Blindeyes - Everyday 01:20
6.She Wants The D-Pad - Bethesda Produced This Song (feat. A Challenger Approaches) 02:28
7.Cojam - Injoo 03:09
8.Feed The Bears - Mega Glitch X 03:58
9.Shotgun Guy feat. PANDASTAR - Red Falcon Death Faction 02:54
10.Polygon Horizon feat. Matthew Wilding - sus.sapien 03:12
11.Particle Damage - Pick Up the Phone, Hear it EXPLODE! 02:19
12.In The Low - Things Don't Come Easy Pt. I 01:38
13.Unicorn Hole - Divine Wind 04:06
14.Falcon Pawnch feat. Andy G - Kart Collusion 03:38
15.Anti-PizzaBoy feat. Thy Harvesting - Virtual Nightmare 02:54
16.Zorldo Kang - KANGS GONNA SHOOT YA 02:59
17.Muffin & Cupcake - Save Again 04:07
18.Glitch City Cafe feat. Dustin E and Unicorn Hole - The Fault Obscene 03:41
19.Heptaedium - Subpixel Carryover 03:33

xNINTENxDEATHx by Crashie Tunez

Artist-Crashie Tunez
Date-January 2017
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Crashie Tunez

Track List:
1.Butchered by Butterflies 02:43
2.Carcass to Canvas 02:39

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Spectrum by Crystal Cavern

Artist-Crystal Cavern
Date- January 2017
Country-Charleston, SC
Facebook- Crystal Cavern

1.Guillotine (Featuring Jason Yankus) 00:54
2.In The Wake Of 01:22
3.Deep Undercurrent 02:18
4.Yellow Tiger 02:47
5.Worth Found In Sunsets 01:27
6.Nirvana 02:40
7.Celestia (Featuring Erik Martin) 02:37

Monday, 2 January 2017

Absent by Are You Afraid Of The Dog

Artist-Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Date- December 2016
Facebook- Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Soundcloud- http://soundcloud.com/are-you-afraid-of-the-dog
Genre:Trippy,Chill, Spacey, Instrumental

1.Self 02:42
2.Ice Caverns 03:11
3.Retour Vers Le Futur 03:58
4.Spotter 03:39
5.Sienna 03:54
6.Insatiable 03:19
7.Reality 02:52
8.Anticipation 02:58
9.On The Wane 02:18
10.The Show 02:52