Sunday, 4 March 2018

Heart Container by BLINDEYES

Album- Heart Container
Date- February 2018
Country- Venezuela
Genre: Nintendocore

1.Princess 01:29
2.Surf 01:45
3.Domain 01:36
4.Dear (Interlude) 01:09
5.Heart Container 03:33

L'appel Du Vide DEMO by Racoon City Massacre

Artist- Racoon City Massacre
Album- L'appel Du Vide DEMO
Date- February 2018
Country- New Orleans, Louisiana
Facebook-  Racoon City Massacre
Genre: Metalcore, Nintendocore


1.Helios Rising 01:39
2.Solar Rebirth 04:18
3.Welcome To Reality 05:46
4.Chronological Disorder 03:50
5.Descent Into Madness 06:33
6.HomeComing I 04:13
7.HomeComing II 04:27
8.Origins 03:31
9.Into The Darkness 03:29
10.Storm The Gates 04:00
11.The King 04:03

Escape To Fantasy by Crashbomb

Artist- Escape To Fantasy
Album- Crashbomb
Date- February 2018
Genre:Nintendocore, Pop Punk, Synth Rock

Track List:
1.Crayashbowm 00:09
2.Myself, the King 04:14
3.Dead Battery 03:11
4.Jello Mold Struggle 02:54
5.Hey, Guy... 03:50
6.Get Up! 03:47
7.寿司大好き 01:59