Thursday, 28 January 2016

Player 3: Scared Guy by Shotgun Guy

Player 3: Scared Guy cover art
Artist-Shotgun Guy
Album-Player 3: Scared Guy
Date- January 2016
Facebook- Shotgun Guy
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Bit Man (N-core Lives Mega Man comp) 02:28
2.Br00tal Hill Zone (WSTCFTCJ Split Chase Fincher alt mix) 02:28
3.Codename: Destroy Daisy Ft. Josh Smith (N-core Lives Misunderstood Villians comp) 02:06
4.Feline Domination (KOF/Kitten Paw comp) 01:03
5.The Uncola (Poopmaster collab) 01:38

Thursday, 14 January 2016

EarthBound by Mercy Personality !s Dark

EarthBound cover art
Artist-Mercy Personality !s Dark
Date- August 2015
Facebook- Mercy Personality !s Dark
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:

1.Intro 00:40
2.Ashes feat.Luther 03:06
3.I can't be a brave men! 02:45   
4.Leave me alone 03:33
5.Reach 03:27
6.Disappear 04:46

Celestial Mausoleum by Scylla

Celestial Mausoleum cover art 
Album-Celestial Mausoleum
Date- January 2016
Country- Watertown,New York
Facebook- Scylla
Genre:Depressive Doom, Ambient, Black Ambient

Track List:
1.Celestial Mausoleum 25:44 

CYBER ELITE 2K15 by Kitty On Fire Records

 CYBER ELITE 2K15 cover art
Artist-Kitty On Fire Records,Various Artists
Album-Cyber Elite 2k15
Date- January 2016
Facebook- Kitty On Fire Records
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Bahamut : ZERO - Rip off their heads, piss down their throats 02:34
2.ZOMBIESHARK! - The Digital Sea 02:57
3.Error37 - Let Us Duel 02:48
4.Potato Hate Explosion - たくさんの時間 03:21
5.Scavenger, Invader! - Radiance and Dissolution (Instrumental Demo) 01:10
6.GOREBLOG - Crucifixion of the Hyperchrist 02:50
7.They Ate Isengard - CyberCyst 04:00
8.Corvid Canine - Lazy 01:13
9.Senpai Suicide Club - Underworld, Boss Arena 01:30
10.Oak's Parcel - Dream Eater 02:45
11.Unicorn Hole - Power of the Puff 03:20
12.Heptaedium - Network Attacks 04:04
13.Chasing Chain Chomps - Castle 02:14
14.Go:Eskimo - Credit Roll (Where's the Boy Mix) 04:55
15.a cellophane jackal - there is a special place in hell for people like me 05:31

Immortal Realm by Ultimate Combo 
Artist-Ultimate Combo
Album- Immortal Realm
Date- January 2016
Country-Auckland,New Zealand
Facebook- Ultimate Combo
Genre:Nintendocore, Segacore

Track List:
1.Fazbear's Funtime
2.Link's Lost Soul
3.Shao Kahn Enters The Shadow Realm
4.Smoakahonta AA Cover
5.Taco Bell's Mariachi Party
6.The Browning-standing On The Edge Cover

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Chiptunes Vol. 1 by Falcon Pawnch

Chiptunes Vol. 1 cover art 
Artist-Falcon Pawnch
Album- Chiptunes Vol. 1
Date- November 2015
Country-Valley Head,Alabama
Facebook- Falcon Pawnch

Track List:
1.Intro 01:13
2.Mindless 04:27
3.Murders At Midnight 02:40
4.Nice Pants Who Painted Them On 03:46
5.Path Of Eternity 03:25   
6.The Black Rose 02:20
7.Rage 10:31
8.Immortality Has A Price 04:21
9.Memento 03:41
10.Insomnia 02:21
11.Keep Away From Children 03:28
12.Let Them Feel This 02:45
13.Okay, Who drunk all the milk 02:02
14.Path Of Chaos 05:41
15.The End Is Near 03:59
16.Shiver 05:15
17.Silent Mourning 04:03
18.Should I Care 03:28
19.Stigma 03:03
20.The Great Escape 04:46
21.The Battle For Hyrule 01:41
22.The Fable 04:05
23.The Journey Has Just Begun 02:35
24.The Never Ending Fear Of Regret 04:48
25.Wont You Come Along 04:29
26.The World Rests On Your Shoulders 03:11
27.This Kind Of Song 03:10
28.WTF Is 8bit Techno 04:23
29.While She Sleeps 03:17
30.Outro 01:04

Press Start! by A Walk To Golgotha

Press Start! - EP cover art 

Artist-A Walk To Golgotha
Album- Press Start!
Date- August 2013
Facebook- A Walk To Golgotha

Track List:
1.PC4PC?! 01:27
2.Din's Fire 03:15
3.Ennui (ft. D. Bane) 03:15
4.:P 00:19
5.Turning the Pages, Pt. 1 02:59
6.How I Really Feel 03:10
7.Din's Fire (Austin's mxmm chll rmx) 01:54

Monday, 11 January 2016

Game Over by A Walk To Golgotha

Game Over cover art
Artist-A Walk To Golgotha
Album- Game Over
Date- May 2014
Facebook- A Walk To Golgotha

Track List:
1.JEllie 03:03
2.Diminished 03:02

Friday, 1 January 2016

Attention Shoppers by Are You Afraid Of The Dog

Artist-Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Album- Attention Shoppers
Date- December 2015
Genre:Instrumental,Trippy, Chill

Track List:
1.Purchase 03:07
2.Pawdicures 03:02
3.Attention 03:01
4.Stride 03:54