Monday, 19 December 2016

Terra, Gaea by 456

Album-Terra, Gaea
Date- December 2016
Facebook- 456

1.Inanis (The Beginning) 01:40
2.Terra (The World) 02:35
3.Caelum (The Window to the Universe) 03:02  
4.Luna (The Moon) 02:17
5.Sol (The Sun) 02:06
6.Stellae (The Stars) 02:30
7.Universum (The Infinite) 02:09
8.Vocivus (The End) 02:40

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Afraid Of The Kong by Are You Afraid Of The Dog

Artist-Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Album-Afraid Of The Kong
Date- December 2016
Facebook- Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Genre:Mashup, Hip-Hop, SNES

1.水生一団 AQUATICGANG 03:45
2.不機嫌な男の子 CRANKYBOY 01:22
3.ファンキーな FUNKY 03:30
4.ステッカーの印 STICKERSIGN 04:00

Shotgun Guy vs Weekly Words And Grammar by Shotgun Guy/Weekly Words And Grammar

Artist-Shotgun Guy/Weekly Words And Grammar
Album- Shotgun Guy vs Weekly Words And Grammar
Date- December 2016
Genre: Nintendocore,Cybergrind
Facebook:Shotgun Guy
Weekly Words And Grammar

Track List:
1.Exit The Fucking Dragongly!!! Ft. Got Item! 03:09
2.Teenage Mutant Zero Turtles Ft. Go:Eskimo 01:23
3.Ecco Of Despair Ft. Muffin 03:18
4.Fear Is The Mind Killer Ft. Go:Eskimo 02:24
5.Weekly Words And Grammar - Melancholy Intro 01:33
6.Weekly Words And Grammar - Misplaced Nostalgia 02:09
7.Weekly Words And Grammar - Fighting Fire With Fire 02:18
8.Weekly Words And Grammar - Just Eat It 01:23
9.Weekly Words And Grammar - The Forgotten Sea 02:33

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Lost Lvls. by In The Low

Artist- In The Low
Album-Lost Lvls.
Date-September 1st,2016
Country-Houston, Texas
Genre: Electronic, Prog Rock, Djent

Track List:
1.Title Screen 01:17
2.Up, Down, Left, Right, B, Start (See Ya Later!!!) 03:27
3.Djenty Lips 04:35
4.Nullify 04:17
5.7 Days 7 Hours 7 Minutes 02:55
6.Party Over HERE?!?! 04:50
7.Testing My Patience At 5AM 04:46
8.Lost Forest Zone (Act Infinity) 03:59
9.Another Slow Song For The Ladies 02:53
10.The Final Act l: The Linear 05:34
11.The Final Act ll: The Dysfunctional 07:28 

Friday, 25 November 2016

Super Duper Digi​-​Punk Split Vol. 2 by Abandoned on Fire, Senpai Suicide Club, Spaztastic Waifu, Robot Speaker


Artist- Abandoned on Fire, Senpai Suicide Club, Spaztastic Waifu, Robot Speaker
Album-Super Duper Digi​-​Punk Split Vol. 2
Date-November 2016
Country-Las Vegas,Nevada
Genre: Electronic, Post-Cybergrind
Facebook:KOF Records

Track List:
1.Spaztastic Waifu - Senpaaaai 03:28
2.Spaztastic Waifu - Tsuntsundere 01:23
3.Spaztastic Waifu - SNPAI 2033 01:18
4.Senpai Suicide Club - Japanese PS2 00:38
5.Senpai Suicide Club - Mint Adenade 01:04
6.Senpai Suicide Club - Combo and Cube 00:54
7.Senpai Suicide Club - Arche Klein 00:48
8.Robot Speaker - Controller Blue 01:05
9.Robot Speaker - Controller Red 02:30
10.Robot Speaker - Controller Yellow 02:26
11.Abandoned on Fire - Overture Part 1 04:05
12.Abandoned on Fire - Overture Part 2 04:03
13.Spaztastic Waifu - LOUD!! 01:25
14.Spaztastic Waifu - Sexy 01:25
15.Spaztastic Waifu - Tururu 01:41
16.Spaztastic Waifu - PSHH!! 01:20
17.Spaztastic Waifu - END!! 02:19

Return to Br00tality by Crashie Tunez

Artist-Crashie Tunez
Album-Return to Br00tality 
Date-November 2016
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Crashie Tunez

Track List:
1.#GetBr00tal 00:29
2.Virus.exe 00:29
3.Circuit Breaker 01:16
4.A Monster Like Me 03:45
5.Damage Done 02:38
6.Forced Behind the Wall 02:52
7.Forsaken Moon 03:12
8.Memory 01:55

Vampire Killer (Castlevania Theme Cover) by Proto Buster

Artist-Proto Buster
Date-October 2016
Country- Watertown,NY
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Proto Buster

Track List:
1- Vampire Killer (Castlevania Theme Cover)

Monday, 31 October 2016

Princesses II by Anju&Kafei

Album-Princesses II
Date-October 2016
Country-Ottawa, Canada
Genre: Nintendocore

Track List:
1.Prologue: Marin's Wish 01:40
2.Chapter 1: Ico&Yorda 05:40
3.Chapter 2: The Legend Of Princess Eclair Of The Waffle Kingdom 05:41
4.Chapter 3: The Celestial Duo, A Friendship Of Star & Planet 04:50
5.Chapter 4: Ghost Of Maiden's Peak 05:17
6.Chapter 5: Only The Clouds Could Stop Us Now 04:30
7.Chapter 6: Jewels Of Heartening 03:21
8.Epilogue: Xexyz Medley [Nintendocore Remix] 03:00

Monday, 17 October 2016

Demo '16 by Zorldo Kang

Artist-Zorldo Kang
Album-Demo 16'
Date-October 2016
Country-Los Angeles, California
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Zorldo Kang

Track List:
1.who r u 01:33
2.rainbow road (iae cover) 01:50
3.that dancey dance 01:38
4.spo0py 01:55

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Undead by Nintendocore Lives (Various Artists)

Artist-Various Artists/Nintendocore Lives
Album- Undead
Date- October 2016
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind, Deathcore, Metalcore
Facebook-Nintendocore Lives

Track List:
1.Unicorn Hole - Trainer Danger 04:43
2.Weekly Words And Grammar - Scissorman 02:27
3.Glitch City Cafe feat. Unicorn Hole - The Bottom Of The Well 04:24
4.Are You Afraid Of The Dog/Starcutter feat. Shotgun Guy - Heavy Rain 03:27
5.Polygon Horizon - Alone In The Dark 02:15
6.Shotgun Guy feat. Weekly Words And Grammar - Household Organism Extermination 02:38
7.Anti-PizzaBoy feat. Thy Harvesting - Pills Here! 03:19
8.Oak's Parcel - Plight Of The Undead 05:37
9.2A03 - No Eyes 02:54
10.Ultimate Combo - Nightmare 02:39
11.Zorldo Kang - Spo0py 01:55
12.€L​@​T0NiC - Inre Cirkel 02:22
13.A Challenger Approaches - Ghosts & Goblins 05:03
14.SWIMlovesyou feat. Darion Hammond - A Bottomless Curse 03:51
15.Feed the Bears - Big Boo's Haunt 04:36
16.Chasing Chain Chomps - All My Neighbors Have Been Eaten By Zombies 03:42
17.Proto Buster - Paperboy Panic 03:49
18.Erik Dismembered feat. Shotgun Guy - Terror in the House of Hubris 05:06
19.Potato Hate Explosion - Polterpurge 02:51
20.She Wants The D-Pad - Norman Be Thy Name 05:38

Friday, 30 September 2016

Reconnect by Crashie Tunez

Reconnect cover art
Artist-Crashie Tunez
Date-July 2016
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Crashie Tunez

Track List:
1.Intro 01:40
2.The Cluster 02:13
3.Stardust 02:48
4.Remembrance 01:25
5.Shy 02:30
6.Dreams 03:18
7.Unic0rn Trix 02:47
8.Bolero of Fire (LoZ cover) 01:20
9.Alic0rn Emergence 02:12
10.Crystals 01:42
11.Reconnect 02:40
12.Misfortunate Moon 01:52

Diverse Worlds by Take A Spin Down Rainbow Road

Diverse Worlds cover art

Artist- Take A Spin Down Rainbow Road
Album- Diverse Worlds
Date-September 2016
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook: TASDRR

Track List:
1.Scotch Tape & Bubblegum 01:14
2.ILY 02:00
3.New Diary 02:50
4.PSI Rockin' 02:46
5.Celestial Sea 02:53
6.Killscreen 02:30
7.Forsaken Fortress 02:57
8.Cloud Strife 03:12
9.Finale 03:29
10.End of Time 02:52

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Self Titled EP by A Challenger Approaches

Self-Titled EP cover art

Artist- A Challenger Approaches
Album- Self Titled EP
Date-August 2016
Country-Baton Rouge, Louisianna
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook: A Challenger Approaches

Track List:
1.Hidden Machine 01 02:19
2.Entitlement Is All The Rage 04:13
3.Burnout 04:32
4.Writer's Block 02:49
5.The Gloaming 04:25

Synonymous Dimension by Polygon Horizon

Synonymous Dimensions cover art
Artist- Polygon Horizon
Album- Synonymous Dimensions
Date-August 2016
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook: Polygon Horizon

Track List:
1.Precede 01:35
2.Dash (feat. Dustin E.) 04:02
3.Ascend (feat. Unicorn Hole) 03:52
4.Barrage (feat. Shotgun Guy) 03:31
5.Recover 02:29
6.Upgrade (feat. Mitchell R.) 03:10
7.Endeavor (feat. Weekly Words And Grammar) 04:51

HD Remakes Instrumental by Unicorn Hole

HD Remakes Instrumental cover art 

Artist- Unicorn Hole
Album-HD Remakes Instrumental
Date-August 2016
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook: Unicorn Hole

Track List:
1.The King of Hyrule (Instrumental, with Polygon Horizon) 03:39
2.Uhole Historia (Instrumental, with ChipZealot) 04:04
3.Bug Type Hype (Instrumental, with Evaleigh) 03:19
4.Nineties Time Freeze (Instrumental, with Falcon Pawnch!) 03:07
5.Denture Adventures (Instrumental, with She Wants the D-Pad) 03:38
6.Rereturn of the Rerevenge (Instrumental, with A Challenger Approaches) 04:25
7.Warp Pipe Shaming (Instrumental, with Are You Afraid of the Dog) 04:19
8.Fables DX (Instrumental, with Starcutter) 03:54
9.Face(book) the Truth (Instrumental, with Elemental Plague) 03:30
10.Missingno Problems (Instrumental, with Glitch City Café) 03:55

Friday, 26 August 2016

Console Crash by Console Crash

 Console Crash cover art

Artist-Console Crash
Album-Console Crash
 Date-May 2016
Country Akron,Ohio
Genre: Metal, Instrumental
Facebook: Console Crash

Track List:
1.Rough Landing 02:54
2.The Vines That Bind 02:40
3.Tunnels & Tunnelers 03:33
4.Fallow Plains 03:33
5.Rain Cannons 05:09
6.Above the Purple Canopy 05:32
7.Gills 04:00
8.War Boss Showdown 04:19
9.Reconstruction Protocol 03:51
10.Gravity Well Escape 03:28

Friday, 19 August 2016

Circle by Weekly Words And Grammar

 Circle cover art

Artist-Weekly Words And Grammar
 Date-June 2016
Genre: Deathcore,Nintendocore
Facebook: Weekly Words And Grammar

Track List:
1.Prophecy of Peril 02:45
2.Fortress of Fear 03:20
3.Trial by Terror 02:25
4.Portal into Time 02:02
5.Stalker from the Stars 03:06
6.Harvest of Doom 02:02
7.The Brotherhood of Night 02:22
8.Last Train to Doomsday 02:03

HD Reamakes Round 2 by Unicorn Hole

HD Remakes Round 2 cover art

Artist- Unicorn Hole
Album-HD Remakes: Round 2
Date- August 2016
Country-Pelion,South Carolina
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Unicorn Hole

Track List:
1.Rereturn of the Rerevenge (with Weekly Words and Grammar and A Challenger Approaches) 04:26
2.Warp Pipe Shaming (with Are You Afraid of the Dog and Muffin) 04:19
3.Fables DX (with Got Item! and Starcutter) 03:55
4.Face(book) the Truth (with Chad R and Elemental Plague) 03:30
5.Missingno Problems (with GO:ESKIMO and Glitch City Café) 03:55

Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Absolution, Act 64:Draculas Sewer Lair by Shotgun Guy

The Absolution, Act 64: Draculas Sewer Lair cover art
Artist-Shotgun Guy
Album- The Absolution, Act 64:Draculas Sewer Lair
Date- August 2016
Genre: Nintendocore,Cybergrind
Facebook:Shotgun Guy

Track List:
1.Simon Says 01:28
2.Turtle Power 03:23
3.Mother Demon Murder Scheme'n 02:37
4.Br00tal Hill Zone 02:24

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Habitat by Feed The Bears

Habitat cover art

Artist-Feed The Bears
Date- August 2016
Country-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Facebook-Feed The Bears
Genre: Nintendocore

Track List:
1.My Wicked Lab Coat and My Dope Mustache 02:24
2.Twilight Beast 04:19
3.VR 01:41
4.OK•DK 03:01
5.Koopa Undead 03:44

Friday, 5 August 2016

Enter Player 1 by Starcutter & Pulsar

Artist-Starcutter & Pulsar
Album-Enter Player 1
Date- August 2016
Facebook- Starcutter
Genre: Metal, NES Cover, Nintendocore, Djent

Track List:
1.The Fight (Punch-Out!!) 03:17
2.The Fortress (Mega Man 5) 02:38
3.The Journey (Journey to Silius) 03:19
4.Bike 00:52
5.Isometric Quest (Solstice) 03:00
6.Six Palaces (Zelda II) 03:38
7.Secret 00:59
8.Depths (Metroid) 04:53

Prisoner Of Conscience by Are You Afraid Of The Dog

Artist-Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Album-Prisoner Of Conscience
Date- August 2016
Facebook- Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Genre:Nintendocore, VGM, Instrumental

1.Perilous 03:30
2.The Gauntlet 03:52
3.Guilt: Remembrance 02:29
4.Oasis 03:02
5.Encountered: Foe 03:18
6.Collision Course 03:33
7.A Most Powerful Adversary 03:43
8.Is This Paradise? 03:22
9.I Live Here Now 03:18

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Shotgun Guy Vs Ripto's Rage: Failure by Shotgun Guy

 Shotgun Guy Vs Ripto's Rage: Failure cover art

Artist-Shotgun Guy
Album-  Shotgun Guy Vs Ripto's Rage: Failure by Shotgun Guy
Date- July 2016
Facebook:Shotgun Guy

Track List:
1.Shotgun Guy Vs Ripto's Rage: Failure by Shotgun Guy 5:12

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5 by Various Artists

 Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5 cover art

Artist-Various Artists
Album- Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5
Date- July 2016
Facebook:Chiptune = WIN

1.Purely Grey - Downpour 03:30
2.Knasibas - Green Moon 03:25
3.Pain Perdu - Artefact 04:25
4.Shirobon - The Itch 03:07
5.Petriform - Plasma Luna 05:55
7.pr0xii - Drift 03:14
8.The Chunderfins - Sex Appeal Towel (feat. Aethernaut) 03:41
9.Nanode - Revenant 03:40
10.Aethernaut - Song of Stars - Part 1 (feat. The Chunderfins) 03:17
11.Chipzel - Hope (Alpha) 05:03
12.505 - Komputer Thoughts 03:47
13.J▲M▲T▲R - Of Course I Still Love You 04:07
14.nelward - thrifty Pete's dirt Cheap deals can't be Beat 02:51
15.Asleep Droid - Banana Plug 03:04
16.Ojiichan - Memento 森 03:08
17.Glenntai - To Struggle Like Kings 02:52
18.Crab Sound - The legacy of the noise ninja 03:33
19.ATCH - Village Beneath the Sea 03:36
20.sylcmyk - Licorice 03:06
21.DonutShoes - Highway Lottery 02:08
23.Amphibious - Perennial 03:23
25.Theory of N - Gaz & Butterhead 04:42
26.梅干茶漬け (Umeboshi Chazuke) - OmochiMochip Pe-ta-ta-Turn 03:04
27.MBtech - What can I say (feat. Jredd) 03:55
28.Bitonal Landscape - Summer Glitch 02:49
29.Blood Code - Justin Bailey (feat. SoftProxy) 03:20
30.Aquellex - Wanderflux 02:50
31.Remedmatika - masygul 03:19
32.Chain Reaction - The Ghost of Spring 06:11
33.ウラボロシ (uraboroshi) - GREED PALACE 02:51
34.sacio - in silico 03:05
35.zabutom - spinning enigma 05:24
36.Guérin - Ignition 05:38
37.Tuberz McGee - Legend of the Bear Punch 04:31
38.KGS - Castle of Inventions 01:33
39.Masikus - Her Kingdom, The Ocean 04:11
40.Zantilla - Big Booty Hank & The Wank Stank Booty Tank 04:43
41.L1nd0 - Night Drive 04:43
42.Please Lose Battle - Bitter 02:50
43.they/them - Late Night Boat Ride 05:25
44.Taka Sushi - Blossome 04:18
45.commandycan - Tidesplitter 02:40
46.Starving GOGO - Miss Livoli VS Mr Carosi (Epic Run) 03:44
47.Dya - Homecoming 03:42
48.Stig - Pondhoppin' 05:37
49.Florian Olsson - Bael 04:49
50.Auxcide - The Resolute Heart 08:19
51.Awesome Force - Departures 05:48

WE ARE THE NINTENDOCORE​.​jp by parallelogram records

WE ARE THE cover art 

Artist-Various Artists
Date- July 2016

Track List:
1.Debug My Video Game Error - Septic Wave 04:02
2.Mercy Personality !s Dark - Nerd Is Dead! 04:06
3.Lost my Proust - extraterrestrial 05:29

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Smash 64 by Nintendocore Lives/Various Artists

Smash 64 cover art
Artist-Various Artists/Nintendocore Lives
Album- Smash 64
Date- July 2016
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.She Wants The D-Pad feat Unicorn Hole - Hookshot Lobotomy (Link) 05:03
2.Got Item! - Far From Super Happy (Yoshi) 02:56
3.Shane Mychal Sexton - Fox McCloud 04:40
4.A Challenger Approaches - Red-Capped Arsonist (Mario) 05:57
5.Shotgun Guy - I Choose You (Pikachu) 02:40
6.SWIMlovesyou - Donkeys and Kongs (DK) 04:07
7.Starcutter & Are You Afraid Of The Dog - Dreamland Symphony (Kirby) 04:15
8.Proto Buster - Samus 02:14
9.Unicorn Hole - Jigglypuff Hijinx (N-Core Prodz Remix) 03:24
10.Muffin and Cupcake - 1-UP You (Luigi) 05:57
11.Falcon Pawnch feat Unicorn Hole - Captain Falcon 03:53
12.Aloysius Minch - The Boy And His Bat (Ness) 03:07
13.Polygon Horizon feat Dustin E - Fighting Polygon Team 03:57
14.Unicorn Hole & ZOMBIESHARK! - Master Hand 03:55

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Destruction Luster by Destruction Luster

Destruction Luster cover art
Artist-Destruction Luster
Album-Destruction Luster
Date-July 2016
Genre: Genesis Metal,Nintendocore

Track List:
1.Opening/Demo: Gallant Force Unites Under The Banner Of Justice And Protection 03:33
2.Password: The AI's Cryptic Message 01:42
3.Main Menu/Ship Select: The Rumble Of Atomic Destroyer Engines 03:20
4.Stages 1 & 4: Death Rides The Clouds On The Horizon 04:02
5.Options Menu: The Respite From The Action 00:59
6.Boss Theme #1: The Rise And Fall Of Destruction's Luster 04:37
7.Stages 2 & 5: Into The Hearts Of The Cosmic Beasts 04:46
8.Death/Continue?: You Rest, We've Got Your Back 02:30
9.Boss Theme #2: It Just Won't Fucking Die 04:51
10.Stages 3 & 6: The Legend Of G-Force And Heavy Driver 03:00
11.Credits: If You Need Us We'll Be In The Sea Of Stars Above 03:18

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

可愛い by Weekly Words And Grammar

 可愛い cover art
Artist-Weekly Words And Grammar
Date-June 2016
Facebook: Weekly Words And Grammar

Track List:
1.Self-aggrandizing Intro 00:31
2.Take Me Back to 2008 01:11
3.Analog Laifu, Digital Waifu (ft. Jt of Decepticon Theory) 01:29
4.Hikkikomori Diaries 02:28
5.Love Song for a Skeleton 01:21
6.Meme Heck 2016 (ft. Unicorn Hole) 02:25
7.かわいい M E M E 4 2 0 です 01:50
8.RIP in Peace 00:51

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

000 by W▲NDER
Date-September 2015

Track List:
1.000 2:46
2. Aeon 1:28
3. swaj 1:41
4. Dynasty 1:18
5. Pep - Step 1:24
6. Hover 1:19
7. Efrit 1:32
8. Thizz 2:12
9. Da Beat 1:01
10. Panic 1:20
11. The Fool 1:58

€L@T0NiC/N0123NOISE Split by €L@T0NiC/N0123NOISE

€L@T0NiC/N0123NOISE Split cover art
Album-€L@T0NiC/N0123NOISE Split
Date-May 2016

Track List:
1.€L@T0NiC - Study of Rams 01:25
2.€L@T0NiC - Study of Termites 00:50
3.€L@T0NiC - Study of Fleas 00:28
4.€L@T0NiC - Study of Newts 01:23
5.€L@T0NiC - Study of Red Ants 08:04
6.N0123NOISE - The First Rain of Summer 11:59

Safe Danger by I Killed Techno!

Safe Danger cover art
Artist- I Killed Techno!
Album- Dawn Of The Final Day
Date- February 2016
Country- Mc Allen,Texas
Facebook- I Killed Techno!
Genre- Cyberpunk, Electronic

Track List
1.I Wanna Party With Charles Manson 02:21
2.Space Adventures 02:33
3.Let Me Draw You Like One Of My French Boys 02:09
4.STD's Are The Least Of Your Worries 01:56
5.Don't Drink The Kool-Aid 01:02
6.Bind, Torture, Kill 02:50
7.Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast 02:57
8.Bundy, You Handsome Bastard 01:48
9.Harvey Made Me Do It 01:40
10.Kemper Has A Temper 00:45

Monday, 23 May 2016

Review: Brain Matter Split by Shotgun Guy and She Wants The D-Pad

Brain Matter Split cover art
Artist-She Wants The D-Pad,Shotgun Guy
Album-Brain Matter Split
Date-May 2016
Country-Henderson,Kentucky and Branson,Missouri
Facebook- Shotgun Guy, She Wants The D-Pad

Track List:
1.Putrid Sea Of Demon Guts (DOOM) 01:19
2.Vivis Revenge (Ft. Potato Hate Explosion, Unicorn Hole, Shotgun Guy) 02:44
3.Ballad O' Bowser (Ft. Mitch Ryan) 03:31
4.Pokémon Gym Battle Cover (New Mix) 02:04
5.Shotgun Guy - Irresistible Force 02:09
6.Shotgun Guy - What The... 02:19
7.Shotgun Guy - Pee Break 01:52
8.Shotgun Guy - Gotta Save'em All (Ft. John Nelson of Unicorn Hole) 03:30
Brain Matter Split
Review By Travis
"Putrid Sea of Demon Guts" starts out with a cool sample from Doom. The opening riff to the song is very tech death. The song in it's entirety is pretty technical. I like the guitar tone and how the synth/8-bit/whatever you want to call it interacts with the guitar work. SWTDP showed some definite growth in regards to how he utilizes synth on this album. "Vivi's Revenge" has three guest vocalists. I like the low screams/gutturals.
The section around the 1 minute mark has a really strong old school nintendocore feel to it. I marked really hard for that part. Very strong second track. "Ballad O' Bowser" is a song I knew from Misunderstood Villains.The production on the album has been very strong thus far. I really enjoy SWTDP's guitar work on every song. I like that the guitar used is real and has a great tone. The fact that this whole album utilizes real guitar (by both artists) is very impressive. I personally find that guitar is one of the harder to things to emulate the sound of and find real guitar playing just generally sounds awesome. The "Pokemon Gym Battle Cover" is very legit. SWTDP has a fairly unique sound and I think that shines on this release. The uniqueness comes in the way of his production. The production in nescore releases seems to be improving constantly and
I think SWTDP is a shining example of this phenomenon. "Vivi's Revenge Instrumental" is cool to hear without the vocals layered over top. The SWTDP portion of this album has wicked production, great guitar playing, and a "techy" feel.

Irresistible Force seamlessly fits in on the album. It is heavy. Shotgun Guy has a fairly distinct sound and this holds true on this song. Driving guitar is mixed with insane synth and raw vocals.
Parts of this track sound absolutely chaotic (in a good way). Great breakdown at the 1:30 mark after an intense  noise like section. "What The..." has a pretty cool intro before entering into chaos.
Shotgun Guy delivers the low gutturals on this song. It is very "nintendocore" (in my opinion) to have the variety of screams he has over the different  synth parts of these songs. This album has many features which got me into nintendocore when I started listening many years ago. "Pee Break" has an almost cheery intro. This song reminds me of some of the material Shotgun Guy released on "Baron Of Hell". It has that very distinct cheery sound that was featured on that album. I like the part around the 40 second mark. This song features some interesting guitar work. It appeared that Shotgun Guy deviated from doing rhythm guitars and threw in some crazy leads. The lead work on this album on gets stronger with each song. "Gotta Save Em All" has the "Baron Of Hell" feel to it as did the previous song. I really like the high screams mixed with the lows around the :40 mark. Nice guitar work on this track once again. Crazy leads. Chants with clean singing part around the 1:20 mark followed by nice guest vocals by Unicorn Hole. Really cool bridge at the 2:00 mark with some killer bass work. I really liked the heavy fx'ed screams at the three minute mark. This track served as a great finisher to the album .

"Brain Matter Split" is a very solid release by Shotgun Guy and She Wants The D-Pad. It is nice to see She Wants The D-Pad release something, while it is nice to see another strong release under the Shotgun Guy guy name. The strong points of this album are definitely the production values and guitar playing. I recommend checking this album out if you like heaviness and crazy synth. 

Monday, 2 May 2016

Error37 by Error37

  Error 37 cover art

Artist-Error 37
Album-Error 37
Date- August 2015
Facebook-Error 37

Track List:
1.Bunnings.. 01:07
2...Is Having a Sale on Rope 03:07
3.xXCactaurXCoreXx 03:18
4.Let Us Duel 02:48
5.Postman Pat Aint Got Shit On Me 03:30
6.Chinese Warlord 04:04 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Review: Good Talk by (T-T)b | Review

Good Talk cover art 

Album-Good Talk
Date- April 2016
Facebook- (T-T)b
Genre:Chiptune, 8-bit

Track List:
1.Nova 01:31
2.Scream Pictures 01:29
3.Total Vacation 02:06
4.Slurred Words (Hot Satan) 03:09
5.Galactic Pretty Boys 03:03
6.Slimers 03:08
7.Twin Peaks 03:31
8.Big Crate / Red Tag 03:56
9.Couch Sleeper 03:03
10.Your Dog 04:27
11.Ghost Hands 01:09

(T-T)b - Good Talk Review 
By Micah Jordan

So, let me start this off by saying...holy shit. This band is fantastic. For the sake of this review, I'll refer to them as ttb. I fell in love with this band upon hearing their debut EP, Pizza Planet.
After buying the cassette and binge jamming it, they finally dropped their full length! 11 tracks of
incredibly emotional chiptune infused rock, with acoustic drums, electric guitar and bass, and
occasional vocals. Packed full of amazing melodies, infectious guitars, and energetic, super fun
drums. This band is a must hear for any fan of chiptune, or any fan of music for that matter. So let
me get into this album review!

Track 1, titled "Nova", is a great intro for the album. No percussion, no guitar, no electric bass,
just true to life chiptune, with extremely memorable melodies and tweaked synth sounds with slides,
arps, and other beautiful sounds! Get used to the slides, because that's what gives this band a big
portion of their character in my opinion!

Track 2, titled "Scream Pictures", is the 1st track that showcases their full musical prowess on the
album. It's a shorter track, and is very straight to the point. Hard hitting drums with
lots of variety, and an awesome structure!

Track 3, titled "Total Vacation", is one of the more infectious tracks, and showcases very well this
bands use of synth slides. Fast, punky drum beats with super catchy synth lines and cool backing arps.
Near the end there's a change of pace with more blippy bloopy synths and is slower in general,
making for a great transition into the next track!

Track 4, titled "Slurred Words (Hot Satan)", starts with a super pretty and hype build up into yet
another very infectious song. The main synth melody is one of my favorites on the album, and it'll
definitely be stuck in your head like its been stuck in mine! This is also the 1st track on the
album to feature vocals, and this band utilizes them perfectly. I usually dislike vocals in standard
chiptune, and not many chiprock bands even pull it off, but this band uses it scarcely enough for it
to be oh so great! Near the end of this track, it drops off to drums bass and synth, and this is one
of my favorite parts of the album, as the vocals come in when the song picks back up, and they are
damn near bone chilling. The vocals perfectly compliment the music in every way! This is one of my
favorite tracks on the album!

Track 5, Titled "Galactic Pretty Boys", goes back to the fully instrumental chiprock we all know
and love. Once again, the synths pound through this song with amazing clarity and melody. This song
makes me feel like its 2012 again, and I'm living in my old trailer, constantly jamming Shirobon!,
Bit Shifter, and Henry Homesweet. If only this album has been out then!

Track 6, titled "Slimers", starts off with a slower pace. No guitars at first, just drums synth and
bass. It showcases the great bass work on this album, as the bass almost plays its own melody! it's
absolutely fantastic, and as the song kicks in, you hear one of the best build ups in the song as
the clean guitar chords are palm muted into another slow section, building even more anticipation.
Then the best vocal section on the whole album in my opinion. "It's not working, it's not working
out. Peer over the countertop. I'm mad about it now". these lines repeat several times throughout
this track, and i couldn't be more happy about that. This song probably has the least of infectious
synths and stuff, but still manages to be just as catchy as the rest! This is arguably my favorite
song on the album!

Track 7, titled "Twin Peaks", is one of the most energetic tracks on the album. A great change of
pace from the slower previous song. Right off the bat, you hear the infectious melodies and awesome
chiptune sounds. I'd say this track has the catchiest of riffs throughout the album, and compliments
the synth melodies just right. Then it slows down into a heartfelt singing section that will make
you want to cry, but for all the right reasons. This is the definition of emotional chiptune.

Track 8, titled "Big Crate/Red Tag", starts off with a light little melody, with cool 8bit explosion
sounds in the background fading in and out. A great utilization of 8bit sounds. Some of the most all
over the place synths on the album, but yet still so very catchy. It really goes to show how
talented this band is, with all of these sounds meshing together seamlessly. This track has some of
the best writing on the album.

Track 9, titled "Couch Sleeper", has some of my favorite climax points on this record. Some of the
coolest drum parts as well! And it all flows together to create something so very beautiful. This
band really utilizes the breaks and focuses on certain instruments often, while still retaining the
creativity and unique writing throughout, on all instruments. This track also takes a darker turn
than any other song on the album near the end, then manages to go right back into great happy
melodies, almost reminding me of something I'd hear in Sonic 2. Weird comparison, almost generic,
but as honest as i can be.

Track 10, titled "Your Dog", is a fresh sound upon beginning. You hear more 8bit white noise alongsidesome sine bass, and a cool twangy little guitar riff. Then it kicks into that great chiprock sound we've heard throughout this record. This song feels to me like one of the most emotional songs on the album, oddly enough. The line, "you hang out with your dog more than me, and thats ok" seems like it might indirectly a pretty personal line. It almost hits home. And again, i cannot stress enough, the incredible writing and musicianship of this album. This song has some really cool drum parts aswell.

Track 11, titled "Ghost Hands", is the closing track. It begins with a melody you almost wouldn't
expect to hear on this album, with some sweet white noise percussion sounds, much like what
you'd hear in LSDj. I'm not sure if this band uses LSDj, but it sounds great nonetheless. It's a
darker track, but at the same time it's kindve in the middle of darker and light. It's another shorter
track on the album, and is a somewhat weird way to end the album. This would be, my "least favorite" track on the album, if i had to choose, but that does not by any means mean this track isn't great as well.

Overall, i'd give this album a very very strong 9.8/10, only falling short with the somewhat unfitting
outro track, at least in my opinion. Regardless of that, this is the best release in 2016 so far, andI very highly doubt it'll be topped this year, or next year, or ever, by any other chiptune act. I'd
go as far as to say that this album has already become my favorite chiptune album of all time. You
NEED NEED NEED to check this out.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Nintendocore Goes 80's by Nintendocore Lives/Various Artists

Nintendocore Goes 80's cover art

Artist-Various Artists/Nintendocore Lives
Album- Nintendocorelives Presents: Nintendocore Goes 80's
Date- April 2016
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.A Challenger Approaches - Rebel Yell (Billy Idol) 04:45
2.Poopmaster - Straight Up (Paula Abdul) 03:46
3.Tyler Hendricks - Who Can It Be Now (Men At Work) 03:27
4.Unicorn Hole - Epic (Faith No More) 04:19
5.SWIMlovesyou - She Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby) 05:36
6.Muffin & Cupcake - Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N' Roses) 04:07
7.She Wants The D-Pad - Raining Blood (Slayer) 03:31
8.Proto Buster - Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne) 04:10
9.Are You Afraid Of The Dog - The Terminator Theme (Brad Fiedel) 04:14
10.Falcon Pawnch - Final Countdown (Europe) 04:37

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

3 More Nintendocore Tracks by Volt Lord

3 More Nintendocore Tracks cover art

Artist-Volt Lord
Album-3 Nintendocore Tracks
Date- March 2016

Track List:
1.1 02:53   
2.2 03:16   
3.3 04:09

3 Nintendocore Tracks by Volt Lord

3 Nintendocore Tracks cover art

Artist-Volt Lord
Album-3 Nintendocore Tracks
Date- March 2016

Track List:
1.1 01:42
2.2 02:22
3.3 03:13

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Cheese Ball GP EP by EXTERNAL

Cheese Ball GB EP cover art

Album-Cheese Ball GP EP
Date- March 2016
Facebook- EXTERNAL
Genre:Chiprock, Chiptune, 8-Bit

Track List:

1.Always ill 02:36
2.Bean 02:59
3.Treasure/Redeeming/Uplifting 02:18
4.RoboPopped 02:02

20shitsteen by Repressed Anxiety Collapse

20Shitsteen cover art
Artist-Repressed Anxiety Collapse
Date- February 2016
Genre: Hardcore Rap, Experimental

Track List:
1.Dead Instead 03:06
2.Declining Cowardly Human Void 02:29
3.Repressed Anxiety Collapse (Ft. Doomknobs) 02:03

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Songs Unsung Round 2 by Unicorn Hole

HD Remakes Round 1 cover art

Artist- Unicorn Hole
Album-Songs Unsung Round 2
Date- February 2016
Country-Pelion,South Carolina
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Unicorn Hole

Track List:
1.Jigglypuff Hijinx 03:20
2.Rest in Yeti, Never Forgetti 02:51
3.Crank it Up 04:11
4.Graves Beneath the Waves 05:38
5.Metaproxy 06:12   

HD Remakes Round 1 by Unicorn Hole

HD Remakes Round 1 cover art

Artist- Unicorn Hole
Album-HD Remakes: Round 1
Date- February 2016
Country-Pelion,South Carolina
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Unicorn Hole

Track List:
1.The King of Hyrule (with Dustin E and Poopmaster) 03:48
2.Uhole Historia (with Andy G and ChipZealot) 04:04
3.Bug Type Hype (with Curly Swope and Evaleigh) 03:19
4.Nineties Time Freeze (with Shotgun Guy and Falcon Pawnch!) 03:07
5.Denture Adventures (with Mitchell Ryan and She Wants the D-Pad) 03:38

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Underground Business by Heptaedium | Review

Heptadium is an extremely good musician.Underground Business is a truly exceptional album. The artwork is very well done which gives you an immediate indication to the quality of this release. The album is great start to finish.

"Dark Lanes of Mottled Cosmic Dust" is an excellent intro. I love when albums have an actual feel to them, a progression. That is something that Heptadium clearly establishes early on, this album is a listening experience. I love the "crystally" sounding synth lead on this track. The guitar work is exceptional perfect chugs/djents or whatever you want to call them.
The 2nd track is "Underground Business" which starts out really heavy. Nice rhythm riff with a sweet bounce. After about a minute the song transitions to some glitchy drums which set the background to a... saxophone solo! This whole track works perfectly. I really like the guitar work on this track as well.
"Nintendocore True Last Boss" is another track that hits right away. This track has a prolonged section that is very dance inspired with some djents. Heptaedium seems to have a firm grasp on how to compose a song. He never aimlessly builds, all the sounds are placed with reason. This song builds towards a solid final section with nice leads and hard hitting drums.
"Network Attacks" is very subdued compared to some of the other tracks on the album. The middle portion of the song features a long build up on the drums with some trippy sounding synth in the background. This transitions into another late breakdown. I like how he has made the drums sound on this release.
"Our World" is a beautiful piece of music. Heptaedium is doing something right in terms of mixing. I really like the warmness to the bass on this track. The bass sits perfectly in the mix on this song and is not over powering but yet still prominent.
"Space Cake" is really heavy. The drums are spastic and the guitar is hectic. The song returns to "normalcy" around the :40 second mark. I really like the breakdown there. The breakdown transitions into a synth lead that has a ridiculous amount of flare. Very cool instrumentation on this whole instrumental album. I know that sounds redundant but it is not. This album really seems as if a ton of thought went into each section in each song. This is not forced technicality but it is mastery in flow.
"Motionless", I think this would be the song that features a "touch of breakcore" as described by the Kitty On Fire Records site.  I am a sucker for audio clips in songs so I loved the part about how "it will only be robots walking around, feeling nothing, thinking nothing." This song has nice sounding synth and ridiculous drums. Some interesting bass work on this track too. A solid conclusion to the album.

This album is one that helps to push the nintendocore genre. Every song is well done, every song well mixed and well thought out. The production and composition on this album is incredible. I can't wait to see what Heptadium puts out next!
Underground Business cover art
Artist- Heptadium
Album-Underground Business
Date- February 2016
Country-Paris, France
Genre: Nintendocore, Chiptune, Metal

1.Dark Lanes Of Mottled Cosmic Dust 03:06
2.Underground Business 03:54
3.Nintendocore True Last Boss 04:25
4.Network Attacks 04:04
5.Our World 04:04
6.Space Cake 03:46
7.Motionless 02:22

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Avian Vassalage by Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar

 Avian Vassalage cover art

 Artist- Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar
Album-Avian Vassalage
Date- January 2016
Genre: Cybergrind,Nintendocore
Facebook: Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar
Track List:
1.Avian Vassalage 01:33
2.King of The Koopas 02:48
3.Time is Bells [ft. Monomate] 02:15
4.Continue? [ft. Shotgun Guy] 02:40
5.Original Sin (Emperor) 02:36

Super Duper Digi-Punk Split Vol 1. by Hiroshi Distortion, Polly Pocket, Popsicle Theory, and Senpai Suicide Club

Super Duper Digi-Punk Split Vol.1 cover art

Artist-Senpai Suicide Club/Lo Tek Dolphin Hackers of the Newark Underground
Album-Player 3: Scared Guy
Date- February 2016
Facebook- Senpai Suicide Club , Popsicle Theory, Polly Pocket
Genre: Chiptune, Nintendocore, Noisecore,Cybergrind,

1.Hiroshi Distortion - 2389 03:03
2.Hiroshi Distortion - ú, (Ï!™Ñ³-L 05:19
3.Polly Pocket - Oscar Drove Me Wilde 03:47
4.Polly Pocket - Would You Even 03:03
5.Polly Pocket - Worth it 02:59
6.Popsicle Theory - None of the Above 01:24
7.PopsicleTheory - Logging Off 01:28
8.Senpai Suicide Club - I Wish Zombies Ate My Neighbours 00:40
9.Senpai Suicide Club - Cyber Morty 00:43
10.Senpai Suicide Club - Red+Green Herb 00:55

Senpai Suicide Club / Lo Tek Dolphin Hackers by Senpai Suicide Club / Lo Tek Dolphin Hackers of the Newark Underground

Senpai Suicide Club / Lo Tek Dolphin Hackers cover art

Artist-Senpai Suicide Club/Lo Tek Dolphin Hackers of the Newark Underground
Album-Player 3: Scared Guy
Date- February 2016
Country-Vancouver, Canada
Facebook- Lo Tek Dolphin Hackers of the Newark Undeground , Senpai Suicide Club
Genre: Cybergrind, Noisecore

1.Senpai Suicide Club - Ellie Langford, CEC 00:51
2.Senpai Suicide Club - Sunsoft 01:14
3.Lo Tek Dolphin Hackers of the Newark Underground - TEMPULL 00:46
4.Lo Tek Dolphin Hackers of the Newark Underground - TIME 01:36

Friday, 5 February 2016

Baron of Hell by Shotgun Guy | Review

Review by Travis
Micah Jordan releases tons of music under many different names. Shotgun Guy is the most “standard” Nintendocore project he has. This album was released April 24th,2015. I have been meaning to review this release for awhile. It was one of the stronger nintendocore released of 2015.

“Death Adders Demise” functions as an excellent intro track. I like when albums actually have a feel to them and seem as if there was some thought put into flow and track order. The synth on this track is warm, the drums are strong, This song is actually about Golden Axe which is wicked. The lyrics are strong if you read them.

“VXIV” is a great instrumental track. I love how the lead synth sounds. I'm not quite sure if it's delay or some level of harmonization going on but it's nice. The breakdowns/drums on this album start and finish strong.

“Groovy!” Is a song about Earthword Jim. Any of the tracks with lyrics are immensely more enjoyable if you check the lyric sheet. I have always found one of the interesting parts of Nintendocore to be the lyrics/vocals. It is neat to hear the use of harsh vocals and the crazy lyrics delivered on this album. “Groovy!” is a bit out of place as it seems that the sound quality/mixing on this track is a little bit lower.

“Guide me Aku-Aku” is about Aku-Aku from the Crash Bandicoot games. The track features guest vocals by Adam from Rambo Hates Rainbows. The part right before the 1:00 minute mark is very strong. Vocals are on point on this track and I found the guitar work to be very solid as well. Deep gutturals on this song. This track is one of the strongest on the album.

“Benefits in Power” is one of the more upbeat tracks on the album. I find it interesting how Micah Jordan is effectively able to go from a darker/heavy track to a more chaotic and happy track. Both styles are pulled off very effectively.

“Fuck You I'm Angry” starts out with a strong blast beat. It is a 1:07 long track of anger. The info for the track states that “this is an angry song”. Effective transition between benefits of power to “Total Meltdown”.

“Total Meltdown” is a Duke Nukem inspired track. It is the 2nd song on the album to feature a guest vocalist, Cory from ZOMBIESHARK!. another on the album to feature a guest vocalist. The track is another example of Shotgun Guys “happier” sounding songs. I really enjoyed the intro synth. Another song with good guitar work and strong vocals.

The final track “Redemption Denied” acts as an effective conclusion to the album. The song features a pretty neat part at the 1:30 mark. The part features very cool interaction between the drum/synth and guitars. I am very impressed with the little fills/rolls done on drums during this album. I love the instrumental part before the final breakdown/section, good use of SFX. Ending speech is very cool as well.

The album is very, very solid. The bottom of the Bandcamp page displays “Note: some of the mixes aren't as I wish they were, but due to computer issues, i have no way of changing the instrumental mixes at all”. I remember speaking with Shotgun Guy and him explaining that computer problems had rendered it impossible to change/access the files he need to tweak the instrumentals. The only real knock on this album is “Groovy!” definitely sounds like it is not mixed/of the same quality as the other tracks. The fact that he did not have access to all the instrumentals and the album turned out as well as it did is a testament to the quality of this release. Great release and I look forward to more from Shotgun Guy!

Baron Of Hell cover art

Artist-Shotgun Guy
Album-Baron of Hell
Date- April 2015
Facebook- Shotgun Guy
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Death Adders Demise 02:20
2.VIXIV 01:01
3.Groovy! 02:34
4.Guide Me Aku Aku 02:53
5.Benefits In Power (Ft. Adam of Rambo Hates Rainbows) 02:24
6.Fuck You I'm Angry 01:07
7.Total Meltdown (Ft. Curly of ZOMBIESHARK!) 02:09
8.Redemption Denied 03:35

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Player 3: Scared Guy by Shotgun Guy

Player 3: Scared Guy cover art
Artist-Shotgun Guy
Album-Player 3: Scared Guy
Date- January 2016
Facebook- Shotgun Guy
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Bit Man (N-core Lives Mega Man comp) 02:28
2.Br00tal Hill Zone (WSTCFTCJ Split Chase Fincher alt mix) 02:28
3.Codename: Destroy Daisy Ft. Josh Smith (N-core Lives Misunderstood Villians comp) 02:06
4.Feline Domination (KOF/Kitten Paw comp) 01:03
5.The Uncola (Poopmaster collab) 01:38

Thursday, 14 January 2016

EarthBound by Mercy Personality !s Dark

EarthBound cover art
Artist-Mercy Personality !s Dark
Date- August 2015
Facebook- Mercy Personality !s Dark
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:

1.Intro 00:40
2.Ashes feat.Luther 03:06
3.I can't be a brave men! 02:45   
4.Leave me alone 03:33
5.Reach 03:27
6.Disappear 04:46

Celestial Mausoleum by Scylla

Celestial Mausoleum cover art 
Album-Celestial Mausoleum
Date- January 2016
Country- Watertown,New York
Facebook- Scylla
Genre:Depressive Doom, Ambient, Black Ambient

Track List:
1.Celestial Mausoleum 25:44 

CYBER ELITE 2K15 by Kitty On Fire Records

 CYBER ELITE 2K15 cover art
Artist-Kitty On Fire Records,Various Artists
Album-Cyber Elite 2k15
Date- January 2016
Facebook- Kitty On Fire Records
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Bahamut : ZERO - Rip off their heads, piss down their throats 02:34
2.ZOMBIESHARK! - The Digital Sea 02:57
3.Error37 - Let Us Duel 02:48
4.Potato Hate Explosion - たくさんの時間 03:21
5.Scavenger, Invader! - Radiance and Dissolution (Instrumental Demo) 01:10
6.GOREBLOG - Crucifixion of the Hyperchrist 02:50
7.They Ate Isengard - CyberCyst 04:00
8.Corvid Canine - Lazy 01:13
9.Senpai Suicide Club - Underworld, Boss Arena 01:30
10.Oak's Parcel - Dream Eater 02:45
11.Unicorn Hole - Power of the Puff 03:20
12.Heptaedium - Network Attacks 04:04
13.Chasing Chain Chomps - Castle 02:14
14.Go:Eskimo - Credit Roll (Where's the Boy Mix) 04:55
15.a cellophane jackal - there is a special place in hell for people like me 05:31