Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Cultural Appropriation by Kawaii Killing Spree

Artist -Kawaii Killing Spree
Album-Cultural Appropriation
Date- November 2017
Country-Ottawa, Canada
Facebook-Kawaii Killing Spree

Track List:
1.I've walked the Walk, talked the Talk, pulled the Pud & trashed the Sock 01:09
2.Deep Space VoreGore 00:16
3.Kawaii Gore Club 00:10
4.Crawling The Deepest Depths of the Dark Web 01:12
5.Z O I D S 00:27
6.Onii-Chan Chain Torture 00:39
7.C Y B E R T H R A L L 00:10
8.Weeaboo Fukboi Ritual 00:20
9.Obsidian Otaku 00:12
10.I Killed Fitty Men 00:16
11.Ooze 00:11
12.NekroComicon 00:11
13.Hululu X Grape-Kun 00:25
14.Uzumaki 00:27
15.Sent To The Shadow Realm 00:20
16.Sonichu 00:39
17.delusions of having a trap girlfriend 00:40
18.Lolicon you stick your dick in a Blender 00:12
19.Waifu Mecha Love Grind 00:34  
20.King of the Hill is the Best Anime 00:17
21.With God & Anime By My Side 00:14
22.Datageist 00:30
23.Ancient Psychic Taden War Elephant 00:13
24.Bright Souls & Sun Bros (Blessed With Good Ol' Jolly Cooperation 00:16
25.Neon Demon Lvl 666 00:12

Monday, 20 November 2017

Succ my life by Error37

Artist - Error37
Album-Succ my life
Date- November 2017
Facebook-Error 37
Genre:Nintendocore, Deathtronica, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Ed Geins Mean Bean Machine 03:27
2.Sir Dewsteins Revenge 03:06
3.XxKangaxCorexX 03:57
4.Relaxulate 03:05
5.Cpt. Cone Puncher 03:14
6.My Fingers Run Faster Than My Brain 02:50
7.Ruining Art as a Medium 03:40
8.L8_17 03:00
9.Majora's Mask 03:04

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Crown Of Death by Crystal Cavern

Artist-Crystal Cavern
Album-The Crown Of Death
Date- November 2017
Country-Charleston, SC
Facebook- Crystal Cavern
Genre:Nintendocore, Deathcore

1.An Intro To Party To 01:51
2.Sarcophagus 01:44
3.Phoenix 01:14
4.Critical Hit 00:58
5.The Crown Of Death 03:18
6.Sarcophagus Part II (Featuring BASS GHOST) 02:07
7.Rot 01:17
8.Dark Cloud 01:56
9.Tranquility 01:09
10.The End Is Where It All Began 00:52

Monday, 6 November 2017

Reality Beyond the Horizon by Anti-PizzaBoy

Artist- Anti-PizzaBoy
Album- Reality Beyond the Horizon
Date- November 2017
Country-Krasnodar, Russia
Genre: Nintendocore
Track List:
1.Welcome! 01:06
2.Soundtrack for QTE Battle 02:20
3.His Name Is Freezing (feat. Unicorn Hole) 03:58
4.W.A.I.F.U. 02:30
5.Player vs. Player (feat. Semyon Bolton) 03:38
6.Don't Worry, Everything Comes to an End 01:54
7.Diclonius (feat. ThyHarvesting) 03:12
8.Noire Dreams 03:50
9.Bloodlines (feat. Shotgun Guy) 03:17
10.Go Home 05:54

Sounds of Post​-​Soviet Fakebit by Various Artists

Artist- Various Artists
Album- Sounds of Post-Soviet Fakebit
Date- October 2017
Genre: Nintendocore

Track List:
1.NinKorr - Rus' 02:32
2.The Curse Of The Dead Chips - Sadness Bears 03:40
3.Shumanga - Soviet Boy 03:12
4.Pavel "Kingdom" Graff - Ангел и Звездопад 08:00
5.Girls Eating Boys - Chelovek i Neko 02:21
6.шумные и угрожающие выходки - баребухи 02:29
8.Lil' Grin - Fucking Motherland 03:13
9.Cojam - Russky Hacker 05:10
10.Super Awkward Lizard - Mountain Of Brutality 02:26
11.Anti-PizzaBoy - Rave On in a Cold Night 04:34
12.Capybara Fucking Pirate Destroyer - Будни 02:06