Saturday, 27 May 2017

Legend Of The Light Gem by Unicorn Hole

Artist- Unicorn Hole
Album-Legend Of The Light Gem
Date-May 2017
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook: Unicorn Hole

Track List:
1.Which Witch Won? 04:01
2.Legend of the Light Gem 03:35
3.Another Adventure 04:05
4.Silver the Sinister 03:10
5.Discord Explored 03:18
6.The Sandstorm Sudden 03:10
7.A Confounding Find 03:09
8.Rematch / Dispatch 03:03
9.The King's Right Hand 02:41
10.Ghael the Grey 04:43 

Message From The Stars by Crashie Tunez

Artist-Crashie Tunez
 Album-Message From The Stars
Date-May 2017
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Crashie Tunez

Track List:
1.Introductiion 00:46
2.Measure 01:20
3.Bloodlust 01:40
4.Anti Brony Br00tality 00:46
5.Oceans of Diversity 02:00
6.Clockwise 02:10