Monday, 14 December 2015

A Search For Hope by Are You Afraid Of The Dog

Artist-Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Album- A Search For Hope
Date- December 2015
Genre:Instrumental,Trippy, Chill

Track List:
1.Bliss 03:35
2.Sanctuary 04:03
3.Vision 03:41
4.Luminous 04:14
5.Dreams 03:37
6.Nightmares 03:45
7.Starlit Lane 02:58
8.Lament 03:17

Friday, 27 November 2015

Misunderstood Villains by Nintendocore Lives

Artist- Various
Album-  Misunderstood Villains
Date- November 2015
Country-The Internet
Genre: Nintendocore,Cybergrind

Track List:
1.She Wants The D-Pad - Ballad O' Bowser 03:34
2.Unicorn Hole - The King of Evil 06:37
3.Star Road - I've Got More Arms Than You Do A Life 01:15
4.Tyler Hendricks - Nightmare 04:46
5.Poopmaster - Mecha Hitler 04:32
6.Are You Afraid Of The Dog - Peace Is But A Shadow 02:53
7.Shotgun Guy - Code Name Destroy Daisy 02:06
8.Proto Buster - Dr.Wilys Revenge Proto Buster 02:01
9.GooPedigree and the Flea Squad - The Ballad of Queen Slug for a Butt 02:02
10.Falcon Pawnch feat Andrew G - As Darkness Swept The Earth 03:31
11.Chasing Chain Chomps - Andross 03:05
12.A Challenger Approaches - Call Me The Egg Man 05:36

Monday, 23 November 2015

元気じゃない by Kizumono no Hanako

 元気じゃない cover art
Artist- Kizumono no Hanako
Album-  元気じゃない
Date- November 8th,2015
Genre: Cybergrind,Nintendocore
Facebook:Kizumono no Hanako
Track List:
1.入れて下さい 02:18
2.エッチするのいります 02:42
3.肉よくの破裂 01:47
4.しきまのばけもの 01:50
5.へんたいの子 02:06
6.じぎゃくてきな中学生 02:30
7.怖いまんこ 02:25

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar - Self Titled EP | Review

Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar - Self Titled EP review
by Micah Jordan

WSTCFTCJ is a newer nescore project, hailing from Riverside, California. The bands
Facebok page lists them as currently being a 3 piece, but I'm not entirely sure if that's accurate. I know for awhile they had more members. Nonetheless, this band kicks ass, and their debut S/T EP is a top notch! The album is full of blasting, sick gutturals and high screams, dissonant 8bit synth lines, and even sweet melodies! To my knowledge this whole EP was produced, instrumentally, in LSDj. Sorry if I'm wrong there!

The intro track, cleverly titled "Intro", is a nice track to start off the release. lots of blast beats, double bass, brees, uuughs, and dissonant, heavy synths. There's also some cool effects happening near the end. Very solid start to this new bands first release!

The 2nd track, titled "Into The Forest" is probably the best example of how this band combines the insane heavy 8bit with the sweet melodies. The song kicks off with a cool drum fill, which isn't something I'd expect from someone using LSDj, but the drum fills in this track are nearly abused, but in the best way. The cool melody in this song is probably my favourite off this release. My only gripe is the weakness in the bass. The song ends with a crazy blasting freak out from out of nowhere. The tempo picks up, and the snare and kick slam away under the disgusting vocals. Great track!

Track 3, titled "Jim" also starts off with a cool drum fill. A little cooler than before. This song is pretty grindy with lots of low riffs and also some cool melodies and even some tremelo picking esque leads. I'd like to add that the way the band kinda used LSDj as the band, using the synths as either heavy chugs and riffs, or tremelo leads/cool melodies, and making the metal drum beats using LSDj's kits. This is one of the grindier and crazier tracks on this EP. Pretty sweet track.

Track 4, titled "Man The Tanks" is another heavier track, even though it starts with a pretty sweet melody. Lots of contrast in this track. Lots of low rhythms and double bass. Then it goes into a dissonant, almost techy feeling riff that is probably my favourite section of any song on this EP. It gives it a really authentic metal. Then after a little more of that, a sweet, sweet melody with some arpeggios and some reverb drenched vocals. This is my favourite track off the EP.

Track 5, titled "The Goddess Chapel", begins with a sweet arpeggio riff that gives a sorta cool tapping riff feel. This song is packed with sweet riffs and melodies. plenty of awesome blast beats and synths all around. This track is what I'd see being called the best track on the EP, and for good reason. Although the 4th track is my favourite, this track is very good.

This is a top tier release in my opinion, and I highly recommend it if you haven't checked it out yet. I'd give the final rating a 9/10, but only because I'm not a huge fan of the sounds in LSDj's kit channel. Granted, WSTCFTCJ utilized them better than I've ever heard, and did a great job at writing the drums in general, I just don't care for the sounds. Otherwise, this is an amazing EP!

Artist- Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar
Album-Self Titled EP
Date- January 2015
Genre: Cybergrind,Nintendocore
Facebook: Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar
Track List:
1.Intro 01:20
2.Into The Forest 01:17
3.Jim 01:51
4.Man The Tanks 02:45
5.The Goddess' Chapel 02:28


My name is Micah. I am behind a large number of projects, including Shotgun Guy, So Much For Best Friends, Devious Diesel, Bookstore, Pulsemachine, EXTERNAL, Justin Dismemberlake, Compulsive Lobotomy, name a few. I have a vast love for almost all styles of music that I've heard. I also have a passion for video games.

Monday, 26 October 2015

KAWAII!! by Heptaedium

KAWAII!! cover art
Artist- Heptadium
Date- September 2015
Country-Paris, France
Genre: Cybergrind,Nintendocore
Track List:
1.Hi ! 00:43
3.Artificial Entity 03:28
4.KAWAII!! 05:57
5.My GF Hates Food Culture 03:12
6.Dead Sprites Everywhere 08:38
7.Fuck Fuck Fuck 02:45  
8.Take My Love Stick N Relax 01:40

Yakui Suicide by Senpai Suicide Club/Yakui The Maid

Yakui Suicide cover art
Artist- Senpai Suicide Club/Yakui The Maid
Album- Yakui Suicide
Date- October 2015
Country-Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: Cybergrind,Nintendocore
Facebook:Senpai Suicide Club
Track List:
1.Dead Friends Frequency 04:33
2.Maid Club 01:47 

Super Scope 6 by Senpai Suicide Club

Senpai Suicide Club - Super Scope 6 (Placenta Recordings #325 - 2015) cover art 
Artist- Senpai Suicide Club
Album- Super Scope 6
Date- September 2015
Country-Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: Cybergrind,Nintendocore
Facebook:Senpai Suicide Club
Track List:
1.Fallout 4 Hype Train 00:56
2.Nitro Girl Advance 00:58
3.Adeleine Moved To Pop Star To Study Art 00:31
4.Yellow Party Hat 01:06
5.Video & Arcade Top 10 00:52
6.Wanted Bonestorm, Got Lee Carvello's Putting Challenge Instead 00:54
7.128Ghz Of D-Ram 01:01
8.All Out Of Bubblegum 01:12 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Unholy Demo by Forgotten Past

Artist- Forgotten Past
Album- Unholy Demo
Date- September 2015
Genre: Nintendocore, Metal
Facebook: Forgotten Past

Track List:
1. Your Last Words 02:04
2.Sleepless Nights 02:12
3. Finish The Game 02:56
4.End Of Days 00:33

The Kowai Kawaii EP by Chasing Chain Chomps

The Kowai Kawaii EP cover art
Artist- Chasing Chain Chomps
Album- The Kowai Kawaii EP
Date- September 2015
Country-Las Vegas, Nevada
Genre: Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Earthbound Song 02:17
2.Mushrooms 01:05
3.Weegee Board 01:22
4.Andross 03:05

Monday, 24 August 2015

Got Item! Review

Review by Travis
Got Item! came out of nowhere. I had never heard of the artist and when he submit his work to this blog I had low expectations. The low expectations were blown out of the water. Got Items! first release is an incredibly well produced affair.

"Mario Party Foul" is a good opener to the album. It has an intro type feel to it. I typically like to listen to albums startto finish so it is always nice for me to see something put together cohesively.
"Personally, I Prefer the Air" introduces vocals to the album. I like Steven Dunn's screams. His high's are really nice. The high screams remind me of some of the mathcore/post hardcore bands I used to rock
out to a few years ago (which brings me back to a great period of music in my life). The vocals also give me a slight iamerror vibe.
Great breakdown in the aforementioned track. "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy"has a Mega Man type feel to the guitars. The song features a Djenty part with some dissonant jabs at the guitar. I like parts like that.
"Cinnabar" is a good break from the core as the 4th song on the release. "Friendly Fire" is my least favourite track on the album. With that being said I really enjoyed it when the nintendo style lead came in to the picture. It being my least favourite track does not mean it is bad, just not really my thing. It has a sort
of Southern Rock feel to the main guitar riff and I'm not a big Southern Rock guy. This song felt as if it was the least cohesive and to me was filled with parts that didn't always gel. Good breakdown. "No Sanctuary" has the feeling of being the finisher to the album. It accomplishes what it sets out to do. Nice
synth and guitar on this one.

This album/artist really came out of left field for me. I had never heard his work before and was incredibly impressed. I look forward to hearing more work from Got Item!.The real strength on this album is production quality. I don't know how much they paid to make this album but it sounds like it cost money to have the production value that was present. This release definitely does not have a "DIY" feel to it. Some nintendocore releases are grindy, some are polished, different strokes for different folks.  

Artist-Got Item!
Album- Got Item!
Date- July 2015
Genre: Nintendocore,Post-Hardcore

Track List:
1.Mario Party Foul 01:06
2.Personally, I Prefer the Air 03:17
3.Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy 02:42
4.Cinnabar 00:52
5.Friendly Fire 02:52
6.No Sanctuary 03:19

Cyber Life Split by Pulse Machine/I Killed Techno

Artist-Pulse Machine/I Killed Techno
Album- Cyber Life Split
Date- August 2015
Genre: Cybergrind, Electronic

Track List:
1.I Killed Techno! - 6 Pacifists In Search Of A Strip Club 00:35
2.I Killed Techno! - Killer Kunts From Outerspace 00:40
3.I Killed Techno! - The Decline Of Windows '95 01:10
4.I Hang With Lil Troy 01:25
5.Tape Deck Debacle 01:41
6.Untitled Butthole Song 01:32

Monday, 10 August 2015

Songs Unsung by Unicorn Hole

Artist-Unicorn Hole
Album- Songs Unsung
Date- July 2015
Country-Pelion,South Carolina
Genre: Nintendocore

Track List:
1.Hedgehogs and Chili Dogs 03:52
2.Glitch Slap 04:35
3.Stranger Danger 05:20
4.Everybody, Stalfos 02:15
5.The King of Evil 06:37

Emily with a V by Evaleigh

Album- Emily with a V
Date- August 2015
Country-Montgomery Village,Maryland
Genre: Nintendocore,Metal,Rock

Track List:
1.Hours Laugh 04:14 
2.Final Heaven 03:00   
3.Contra 03:43  
4.Crissaegrim 04:19 
5.Slash Crazy Hyper Drive 03:38 
6.Blink 03:55  
7.Battle for Cor 03:54 
8.Blaze Fielding 03:19
9.For we drift, at daybreak 03:47
10.GO 03:41   
11.Sice 03:35  
12.Persephone 03:40   
13.October, Sometime 03:10   
14.Star Cruiser 03:51 
15.Tartarus @12 04:02
16.A winner is YOU 03:51
17.  Circle Strafe 03:29  
18.1800Croftown 02:20   
19.Swoon (After) Party Remix ft. Matt White 03:43
20.Snow Black 04:51
21.Glass 02:58
22.No Level Cap 03:39

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Got Item! by Got Item!

Artist-Got Item!
Album- Got Item!
Date- July 2015
Genre: Nintendocore,Post-Hardcore

Track List:
1.Mario Party Foul 01:06
2.Personally, I Prefer the Air 03:17
3.Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy 02:42
4.Cinnabar 00:52
5.Friendly Fire 02:52
6.No Sanctuary 03:19

Shotgun Guy and Ragebomb Split by Shotgun Guy/Ragebomb

Artist-Ragebomb/Shotgun Guy
Album- Ragebomb/Shotgun Guy Split
Date- July 2015
Genre: Cybergrind, Grindcore,Nintendocore

Track List:
1.Burger (Killing) Time 01:20
2.Crime Kingpin (Ft. Max Fleischmann) 00:47
3.Memesman (HTB cover/remix) 01:05
4.Sick'em Snot 00:53
5.Super Sonic 00:49
6.Termin...Uh... (Ft. Max Fleischmann) 02:01
7.Ragebomb - You Has Been Warned 00:39
8.Ragebomb - It's A Wrong Way 00:10
9.Ragebomb - Slave To Machinery 00:36
10.Ragebomb - The Worst Thing Can Happen... 00:44
11.Ragebomb - Robot's Nightmare 00:41
12.Ragebomb - Freed From Iron Fist 00:33
13.Ragebomb - I Already Bored With Your Bullshit 00:39
14.Ragebomb - I Have No Ambition 00:45
15.Ragebomb - Mission Aborted 00:43
16.Ragebomb - First Attack 00:48
17.Ragebomb - I Don't Want To Work Today Because I'm Sleepy 00:08
18.Ragebomb - Fake Doomsday Theory 01:00

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Memory Card by Senpai Suicide Club

Artist-Senpai Suicide Club
Album- Memory Card
Date- July 2015
Genre: Cybergrind, Nintendocore

Track List:
1.!Candy Crush! Is AIDS!! 01:10
2.Infinite Inventory 01:40
3.Krystal Of Cerinia 00:53
4.Lvl. 50 Digi-Bard 01:34
5.03/10/15, The Day We Were Wrong 00:52
6.YOU DIED 01:18
7.Agent 47's Barcode Tattoo 00:41   
8.Lucrecia Crescent 01:41 

Cel Shade Seppuku by Various Artist

Artist-Senpai Suicide Club, a cellophane jackal, Rotten Blood
Album- Cel Shade Seppuku
Date- May 2015
Country-Canada, USA
Genre: Cybergrind, Nintendocore, lolicore

Track List:1.a cellophane jackal - eat shit and live forever 04:08
2.a cellophane jackal - using my body to worship myself 01:52
3.a cellophane jackal - a sad death alone in a cave 03:35
4.Rotten Blood - Stuck 03:25
5.Rotten Blood - Your Being is a Lie 03:07
6.Rotten Blood - Dont Walk Away 01:58
7.Senpai Suicide Club - The Great Ape War 00:43
8.Senpai Suicide Club - PaRappa The Rapper On The Beat 00:51
9.Senpai Suicide Club - Stay Gold Ponyta 01:13

Friday, 3 July 2015

Now Here by Painted In

Artist-Painted In
Album- Now Here
Date- January 2015
Genre: Chipgaze

Track List:

1.Caricature 03:19
2.There's Still Time 02:01
3.Flower 01:39
4.Pull 02:21
5.You Through Me 02:56
6.Never Leave Again 01:42
7.My Body is Wrong 02:25   
8.And Far Away 02:18

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Review:Twilight City by Are You Afraid Of The Dog

Artist-Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Album- Twilight City
Date- June 2015
Genre:Nintendocore, Chiptune

Track List:

1.Prelude 01:53
2.Soaring 02:21
3.Mer Bleue 03:05
4.Futuristic 03:15
5.Castle 02:25
6.Corridor 01:55
7.Fortress 02:25
8.Illuminate 02:39
9.Pinnacle 03:27
10.Denouement 04:10

What a great and appropriate title "Twilight City" is. Are You Afraid of the Dog's new full-length CD is a moody chiptune adventure indeed. The album art also perfectly captures the essence of the melancholy and nostalgic tunes. Travis' concise description of the album expands further on its themes, calling it "the soundtrack to [his] life." All these aspects come together with the music for a CD that is truly an experience, if given adequate attention.

    The music itself is obviously reminiscent of the NES and SNES days of gaming- pretty much a given in the chiptune genre. For me this style is inherently nostalgic; I find myself drifting back to the days when my main goals in life were completing levels and defeating bosses. But unlike many other chiptune artists, AYAOTD captures those feelings in the music itself and comes full circle- at least for me. Everything is well composed from start to finish. There are no icky notes or poor transitions to distract the listener from the atmosphere the CD creates. So once you take the bait, you're hooked.

    There are some things I might have done differently. Most of the tracks fade out at the end, and I'm typically against that. Sometimes it fits in this CD's case, but other times I wish the song had a more definite conclusion. Twilight City also features some heavier sections that I would have liked more if they'd kept the mood of the song present at the same time. These are just small nitpicks though. The melodies themselves always stay focused, and never feel hammy or gaudy.

    Twilight City makes me wish I could go back in time for one night. Wish I could be a kid again- playing my SNES with nothing else in the world on my mind. A CD that makes me say "wow, that's catchy!" or "ohh, nasty breakdown!" is one thing. A CD that gives me an emotional response and changes the rest of my day is something else entirely. I'm not gonna give it a number score, because that doesn't really add anything to what I've said. The CD is well written, themed, and produced. I'd most certainly recommend it to anyone.

Favorite track: Mer Bleue. It brings Aquatic Ambiance from DKC to mind, which is always a good thing. No track stands out as being my least favorite.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Twilight City by Are You Afraid Of The Dog

Artist-Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Album- Twilight City
Date- June 2015
Genre:Nintendocore, Chiptune

Track List:

1.Prelude 01:53
2.Soaring 02:21
3.Mer Bleue 03:05
4.Futuristic 03:15
5.Castle 02:25
6.Corridor 01:55
7.Fortress 02:25
8.Illuminate 02:39
9.Pinnacle 03:27
10.Denouement 04:10

Anthology by Unicorn Hole

Artist-Unicorn Hole

All Unicorn Hole albums released as of June 2015!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Nintendocore Lives Presents:Robot Masters by Nintendocore Lives Presents

Artist-Various Artists/Nintendocore Lives
Album- Nintendocorelives Presents: Robot Masters
Date- May 2015
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:

1.Thunderman by Poopmaster 02:38
2.Sheepman by SWIMlovesyou 02:34
3.Dog Man by Are You Afraid Of The Dog 02:12
4.Solar Man Cover by Acosm 02:25
5.Hollow Man by Pestilential Glitch 02:16
6.Gutsman by Grotesque Liver 03:15
7.Bit Man by Shotgun Guy 02:28
8.Splash Woman by Tyler Hendricks 02:36
9.Sand Man by Critical Dismemberment 02:47  
10.Glitch Slap by Unicorn Hole 04:36

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Baron Of Hell by Shotgun Guy

Baron Of Hell cover art
Artist-Shotgun Guy
Album-Baron of Hell
Date- April 2015
Facebook- Shotgun Guy
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Death Adders Demise 02:20
2.VIXIV 01:01
3.Groovy! 02:34
4.Guide Me Aku Aku 02:53
5.Benefits In Power (Ft. Adam of Rambo Hates Rainbows) 02:24
6.Fuck You I'm Angry 01:07
7.Total Meltdown (Ft. Curly of ZOMBIESHARK!) 02:09
8.Redemption Denied 03:35

Friday, 24 April 2015

CAT FIGHT by Kitty On Fire Records Vs. Kitten Paw Recordings

Artist-Kitty On Fire Records and Kitten Paw Recordings, Various Artists
Date- April 2015
Facebook- Kitty On Fire Records
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Corvid Canine - Shallow Self Pity 00:44
2.b4by f4c3 - dybbuk 02:28
3.Senpai Suicide Club - Red Mage 01:06
4.Morbidly A Beast - Narcoleptic Insomniac 01:42
5.bithurt - level 1 witchbolt 05:02
6.Cheerleader Concubine - Mahou Shoujo Menstrual Meal 01:33
7.Unicorn Hole - Gonezel Washington 05:40
8.Psychonaut - Orgone 03:33
9.Crazy Gnome - ABCDEFGHIJKLOST (Drinking And Thinking Too Much) 02:20
10.Pillars of Sarnath - Ill Tempered Organic Super A.I. (instrumental) 03:04
11.Zeer Rondborstige Samurai Aap - おっぱいシフター 04:25
12.Potato Hate Explosion - Good Day for a Good Day 03:03
13.Rotten Blood - a song about a cat 02:40
14.Dream*Eater - Where are you 02:49
15.Shotgun Guy - Feline Domination 01:03   
16.Hollow Gem - 09/24/15 01:44   
17.a cellophane jackal - eat shit and live forever 04:08 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Princesses By Anju&Kafei

Artist-  Anju&Kafei
Album- Princesses
Date- December 2014
Country- Ottawa,Ontario
Genre: Nintendocore
Track List:
1.Prologue: A Plea From The Stars 04:13
2.Chapter 1: Crystal Onix 04:01   
3.Chapter 2: Relinquished 04:47   
4.Chapter 3: Moon's Tear 04:10   
5.Epilogue: Water/Psychic/Rock Club [Pokémon TCG Cover] 03:25

Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Gunshow by Decepticon Theory

Artist-Decepticon Theory
Album-The Gunshow
Date- February 2015
Facebook- Decepticon Theory
Genre:Nintendocore, Nerdcore, Beatdown

Track List:
3.Lavender Tower
4.Chicago Kegstand   
5.Dr. Weird    
7.Operation: DOOM    
8.The Gunshow  

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Donkey Kong Country 3 Review by Unicorn Hole

 Donkey Kong Country: Why Number Three Is Number One
Let's say you're a rad skater dude. You're at the park with some hotshots who have been attempting the same trick for hours to no avail. They're going on about how hard it is to land, so you decide to give it a shot. You spend a while figuring it out in your head and working up the courage, and when you're ready you go for it. You stick it beautifully- with an extra turn even! Your arms shoot into the air in excitement as you turn towards the other guys for affirmation that you are indeed a badass. But as it turns out, they've packed up and left. You look around the park and discover the sad truth- nobody saw what happened. Henceforth you shall be known as Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble.

Donkey Kong Country was released in 1994, and promptly blew everyone's mind to shit with its insane graphics. Seriously, nothing looked as good at the time. Then DKC2: Diddy's Kong Quest was released the following year, and improved upon almost every aspect of the original game. Every time Nintendo and Rareware made sweet, sweet lovins, an amazing game was conceived. That trend didn't change one bit when DKC3 was released in 1996. What changed, however, was the market. Our beloved Nintendo 64 had been released just a month before DKC3, which means most SNES consoles had about a month's worth of dust on them at this time. And it's a damn shame.

The first DKC featured Donkey and Diddy Kong. These two are a great pair, because they feel very different from each other. DK feels heavier when platforming, and is stronger too- able to kill big enemies that Diddy struggles with. Diddy, on the other hand, is quicker and nimbler. DKC2 featured Diddy and Dixie Kong, who make up a decidedly boring duo. The problem is that these Kongs are identical aside from Dixie's Helicopter Spin. So instead of having two distinct characters, you basically just use Dixie- the better Kong- and then use Diddy when she gets hurt. It's like having a powerup in a Mario game, and losing it when you take damage. You're playing the same character, basically, just without the special move. Diddy and Dixie do gain the ability to toss each other in their game, which is neat.

DKC3 definitely features the best duo of the series- Dixie and Kiddy Kong. These two may not have the star power of DK and Diddy, but they're simply the most fun. Kiddie feels a lot like DK did in DKC, so we're back to the heavy/strong Kong with a light/quick partner mechanic. DKC3 adds in some new twists though. First, the throwing mechanic from DKC2 is brought back, but smarter. Kiddy can throw Dixie very far, because he's strong and she's tiny. When Dixie throws Kiddy, he won't go as high or far, but his weight can shatter certain things as he crashes down. Second, Kiddy is given a unique move to match Dixie's Helicopter Spin. He is able to skip across the top of water like a stone, if the jumps are timed correctly. Why can he do this? Because shut your mouth. It's the same reason finding a leaf makes a fat plumber grow a tail that enables him to fly. But the point is, Dixie and Kiddy make the most dynamic and interesting duo of the DKC trilogy.

Let's take a look at some other aspects of the games in this wonderful series. The graphics aren't significantly better in any of the games, so I won't be comparing them much. The secrets are a different story, however. In the first game, you have to literally jump down every pit to check and see if there might be a secret. That's not fair, and it's not fun. The second and third games are much better about hiding things. For example, if there's something hidden down a pit, you'll see just a couple pixels of a banana at the bottom of the screen, if you're paying close attention. In the sequels, searching for secrets is challenging but rewarding, instead of just tedious.

The first two games feature very similar overworlds that function like any other standard old-school platformer overworld. DKC3 has a large, fleshed out overworld that the player can move about freely, rather than being on rails. There are vehicles you'll unlock as you progress through the game, which allow you to travel to new areas of the overworld. That unique idea, when combined with all the exciting secrets hidden throughout make DKC3's overworld much more exciting and memorable than those of its predecessors. So that's another point for Dixie and Kiddy.

The first game had you complete two missions in each stage. Well, that's how I look at it anyway. You have to clear the level, and find all the secrets within it. Its sequel turned those secrets into minigames that you must complete be credited for finding them, and added a "third mission" in each stage in the form of a hidden DK Coin. DKC3 then made it so that DK Coins had to be taken from a special enemy, which was defeated only when hit in the back by a steel barrel. The method used to actually get the barrell to hit the enemy varied in different stages, and was often very well thought out and difficult to execute. Therefore, DKC3 has the most stuff to do in each level, not to mention the Brothers Bear side quests on the overworld.

As far as level and boss concepts go, I have to give it to DKC3 once more. The first game had some memorable levels for sure. There was one where the player had to keep switching the light from green to red, in order to immobilize enemies. A level near the end, called Platform Perils, stands out for having virtually no stable ground whatsoever. Boss fights were, unfortunately, reused sometimes. The second game had a handful of standout stages as well. There was Rambi Rumble, which had the player running from a giant Zinger enemy in its big conclusion. Toxic Tower also forces me to remember it, by way of haunting my nightmares. The player had to quickly climb a tower to avoid the rising acid below.

That said, DKC3 had more memorable levels than either of its predecessors. There was a stage that had you climbing a tree as it was being cut in half by a saw. Better be quick! There was a stage where lightning struck every few seconds, forcing you to react fast, and be precise with your movements. There was poison water, which reversed your controls, and a level with pushy enemies constantly trying to mess up your jumps and shove you to your doom. Let's not forget the rocket barrel level that inspired an entire level type in the Donkey Kong Country Returns series. DKC3 also featured the most creative boss fights of the trilogy- even one where you fought as Ellie the elephant instead of the kongs.

I won't pretend that the absence of David Wise in DKC3 isn't a sin, because it totally is. If you didn't know, he's the legendary video game composer who wrote most of the music in the first two DKC games. Eveline Fischer did a fantastic job with the music in DKC3. She really did. But she had some big shoes to fill, and she didn't quite churn out any songs as timeless as Stickerbrush Symphony or Aquatic Ambiance.

So there you have it. DKC3 wins in almost every category, or at the very least holds its own. Hidden gems are all too common, but not many of them are sequels to games that are already established as being badass. Plus it was made by Rareware in the 90's, so of course it's gold! Bottom line- if you're a fan of platformers, and you haven't played all of the original DKC trilogy, get to it! You can get them on the Wii U Virtual Console, or be cool like me and play them on a SNES like nature intended. And if you're only gonna play one, make it Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! It was one of the most badass tricks ever landed, even if no one saw it when it happened.

PS - The Wii and Wii U installments in the Donkey Kong series are absolutely amazing games as well. Do yourself a favor and check them out too!

-Unicorn Hole

Unicorn Hole

I'm Unicorn Hole- a Nintendocore musician who is passionate about video games. They're not just a pastime for me, rather a big part of who I am. If you're not a fan of my somewhat obscure music style, then you can opt to enjoy some of my rants and reviews here instead.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Going Places by Are You Afraid Of The Dog

Artist-Are You Afraid Of The Dog
Album-Going Places
Date- February 2015
Facebook- Are You Afraid Of The Dog

Track List:
1.Sharp 02:25  
2.Dreaming 02:53 
3.Class 03:05
4.XVXV 03:53
5.Work 02:47
6.Rats 03:34
7.Cats 02:53  
8.Nevuary 02:44
9.Bad Things 03:14
10.Distance 02:15 
11.Rosay 04:00

Monday, 9 February 2015

Senpai Suicide Club / I Killed Techno! Split by I Killed Techno!/Senpai Suicide Club

Artist-  I Killed Techno!/Senpai Suicide Club
Album- Senpai Suicide Club / I Killed Techno! Split
Date- February 2015
Country- Henderson,Kentucky
Facebook-  I Killed Techno!  Senpai Suicide Club
Genre: Nintendocore, Synth, Cybergrind

1.Senpai Suicide Club - Invisible Mechanical Velociraptor 00:51
2.Senpai Suicide Club - Aya Brea Never Saw The Opera 00:59
3.Senpai Suicide Club - EnTrOx Rules Everything Around Me 00:40
4.Senpai Suicide Club - Lollipop Chainsaw Is The Patriarchy 00:57
5.Rustle My Jimmies 03:23
6.Rika Naku Ikenai 02:19
7.Heads Up, Homerun! 01:57

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Paperboy (Single) by Critical Dismemberment

Artist- Critical Dismemberment
Date- January 2015
Country- Jacksonville, North Carolina
Facebook- Critical Dismemberment
Genre: Nintendocore

S​/​T EP by Shotgun Guy

Artist- Shotgun Guy
Album- S/T EP
Date- November 2014
Country- Henderson,Kentucky
Facebook-  Shotgun Guy
Genre: Nintendocore

1.Robot Master Demolition 02:05
2.Ultimate Doom 02:47
3.Year Of The Dragon 01:55
4.Vampire Killer 01:41
5.Lavender Town 01:08

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Dimensions by Racoon City Massacre

Artist- Racoon City Massacre
Album- Dimensions
Date- January 2015
Country- Jacksonville, North Carolina
Facebook-  Racoon City Massacre
Genre: Metalcore, Nintendocore

1.Intro 00:50
2.Destructive Interference 02:24
3.Where They Walk Alone 03:10
4.Game Over 03:01 
5.Say No To Fluoride 01:50
6.Interlude 01:21  
7.Nothing Yet 03:48
8.Titans At The Gate 02:17   
9.They're Afraid Of Mirrors 02:32     
10.Decisions 02:54
11.Outro 05:23

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Deepest Sleep by Pillars of Sarnath

Artist- Pillars of Sarnath
Album- The Deepest Sleep
Date- December 2014
Country-  Neo Kingdom X
Facebook-  Pillars of Sarnath
Genre: Nintendocore, Cybergrind

1.Network of Dreams 01:18
2.Grid based Lifeforms 02:21
3.Leon Karnak 01:49
4.Dragonite 02:14
5.Dein vater ist ein morder 03:41