Thursday, 27 April 2017

Habitat II by Feed The Bears

Artist-Feed The Bears
Album-Habitat II
Date- April 2017
Country-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Facebook-Feed The Bears
Genre: Nintendocore

Track List:
1.Cold as Ice 02:08
2.Kong vs. Kong (ft. Shotgun Guy) 02:45
3.The Wario Kingdom 04:55
4.Zombdroid 02:44
5.Unfortunate Protagonist 03:10
6.Sequel 03:17
7.Renard - WI-FI BRIDGE (cover) 02:09

Some P​{​eople Neve​}​r Grow Up by Particle Damage

Artist- Particle Damage
Album- Some P​{​eople Neve​}​r Grow Up
Date- April 2017
Country-Poughkeepsie, New York
Facebook: Particle Damage

Track List:
1.The birth(and death) of Shanebot. 01:19
2.Put my body in the dumpster for the rats and seagulls to eat 01:40
3.Dr malkovitch, The great graphologist who studys the delicate calligraphy of the babylonians 00:42
4.Golden Meteor Shower 01:35
5.I can't remember the last time i smiled and meant it 01:48
6.Loading...Loading...Loading... 00:12
7.Don't worry about it because im not worrying about it ethier 00:06
8.The ballad of the terrible triumph of Thomas J. Cutekitten(Junior Birdman) 03:25
9.Pick up the phone. Hear it EXPLODE!!! 02:19
10.Unintentional Waffle Birth 00:33
11.The fucking worst of it. 02:12

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Heptaedium VS Cartoon Theory by Heptaedium & Cartoon Theory

Artist- Heptadium & Cartoon Theory
Album- Heptaedium VS Cartoon Theory
Date- March 2017
Country-Paris, France & Limoges, France
Genre: Djent,Breakcore,Nintendocore
Facebook: Heptaedium  
Cartoon Theory

Track List:
1.HEPTAEDIUM Nuker 03:20
2.HEPTAEDIUM Elk Cloner 04:33
3.HEPTAEDIUM Hydroid Medusa 02:57
5.CARTOON THEORY Roko's Basilik Experiment (Ft. Husa Toledo) 05:24
6.CARTOON THEORY Momijigari 紅葉狩り (Ft. Clément Belio) 03:56
7.CARTOON THEORY Hypermodernity (Ft. Juan Carlos Briceño Sánchez & Husa Toledo) 06:30 

Monday, 13 March 2017

Horrors Reborn by Crashie Tunez

Artist-Crashie Tunez
Album-Horrors Reborn
Date-March 2017
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Crashie Tunez

Track List:
1.Disembodied 01:29
2.Piles of Moral Disgust 01:58
3.Marehood Massacre 02:04
4.Underneath the Moon [Single version] 02:00
5.Dissection of One [Single version] 03:22

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

グレイブブラッドの魔女 by Cojam

Album- グレイブブラッドの魔女
Date- March 2017
Country- Leningradskaya oblast, Russia
Facebook- Cojam
Genre: Experimental, Nintendocore

1.Anxiety 01:09
2.Panties 05:07
3.Never (ft. Marisahates) 04:45
4.Fell In Love With A Vampire Girl 05:56
5.Save Vika 02:47
6.Graveblood River 02:57
7.Shadows Of Pines 05:30
8.Night Guests 04:10
9.The Nightmare 05:16
10.Touching The Star 05:40

Monday, 13 February 2017

CYBER ELITE 2K16 by Kitty On Fire Records

Artist-Kitty On Fire Records,Various Artists
Album-Cyber Elite 2K16
Date- February 2017
Facebook- Kitty On Fire Records
Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind

Track List:
1.Weekly Words and Grammar - Hikkikomori Diaries 02:28
2.Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar - Time is Bells (ft. Monomate) 02:15
3.Senpai Suicide Club - STOP!JUMP!DANGER! 01:09
4.Nekrock - The Moon, the Snow, and You 04:04
5.Shotgun Guy - And Then... (ft. Feed The Bears) 02:25
6.They Ate Isengard - Bowery 03:10
7.ZOMBIESHARK - 404 (ft. Got Item!) 03:18
8.She Wants the D Pad & Got Item! - Dig Up Her Bones (The Misfits Cover) 02:56
9.Corvid Canine - When Gardens Are Crushed, Wrath Is Sown 00:55
10.Error37 - xXCactaurXCoreXx 03:18
11.Lo Tek Dolphin Hackers - LIGHTNESS 02:00
12.Vomitblunt - SNEAKY WOOK MAGIC 00:51
13.a cellophane jackal - go to 7-11 and kill yourself 04:06

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Glitched by Nintendocore Lives (Various Artists)

Artist-Various Artists/Nintendocore Lives
Album- Glitched
Date- January 2017

Genre:Nintendocore, Cybergrind, Deathcore, Metalcore
Facebook-Nintendocore Lives

Track List:
1.Starcutter - File Not Found 03:17
2.Weekly Words And Grammar - Days of Ruin 02:22
3.Are You Afraid Of The Dog feat. Shotgun Guy - Corrin 03:36
4.Lost Number - Majora's Mixxx (Zelda's got a Tektite Ass) 04:46
5.Blindeyes - Everyday 01:20
6.She Wants The D-Pad - Bethesda Produced This Song (feat. A Challenger Approaches) 02:28
7.Cojam - Injoo 03:09
8.Feed The Bears - Mega Glitch X 03:58
9.Shotgun Guy feat. PANDASTAR - Red Falcon Death Faction 02:54
10.Polygon Horizon feat. Matthew Wilding - sus.sapien 03:12
11.Particle Damage - Pick Up the Phone, Hear it EXPLODE! 02:19
12.In The Low - Things Don't Come Easy Pt. I 01:38
13.Unicorn Hole - Divine Wind 04:06
14.Falcon Pawnch feat. Andy G - Kart Collusion 03:38
15.Anti-PizzaBoy feat. Thy Harvesting - Virtual Nightmare 02:54
16.Zorldo Kang - KANGS GONNA SHOOT YA 02:59
17.Muffin & Cupcake - Save Again 04:07
18.Glitch City Cafe feat. Dustin E and Unicorn Hole - The Fault Obscene 03:41
19.Heptaedium - Subpixel Carryover 03:33