Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Interview With Heptaedium

We at N-Core Lives decided to do an interview with Heptaedium. Hailing from Paris, France and billing his music as Baguettecore, he recently released "How Long Shall I Suffer Here ?". Heptaedium appeared on the N-Core Lives "Glitched" comp and released two great Nintendocore albums "Kawaii!!" and "Underground Business".  The interview was conducted by Travis. Heptaedium's most recent album can be found at

I am happy to be doing this interview as I am a fan of yours. Each album you have released has been enjoyable. We at N-Core Lives were happy to feature you on the compilation album "Glitched". You just released "How Long Shall I Suffer Here?” so I figured it was good time to reach out to you for an interview. How are you?

Not too bad thanks. It's a shared pleasure.

One of the reasons I have enjoyed your work so much is that it is super heavy. The guitar work in your music is certainly a staple in the Heptaedium sound. What kind of guitar do you use and what sort of amp/FX processor do you use in your recording process?

Happy you appreciate. This album is indeed way more "guitaristic" than the previous ones. It is also more more violent, raw, direct, dark...

I got an ESP Horizon fr 2 and a Jackson Soloist. Both tuned in drop B (B, F#, B, E, G#, C#) with fat string gauge (12/56 ErnieBall). For this album I mostly used the Soloist.

And I also used a POD HD PRO X or the guitar amp emulation. After messing around and experimenting you can easily find some aggressive sounds in it.

How did your relationship with Apathia Records begin?

I knew this label for a while because some of the bands I really appreciate are part of their roster (Pryapisme =^..^= , HAH, öOoOoOoOoOo ...). Once "How Long Shall I Suffer Here ?" finished I sent them. They appreciated my universe and then I signed with Apathia.

Do you mind being labelled as Nintendocore? How do you see your music in terms of genre?

Not really but it kindles people's curiosity. Actually I even think Nintendocore is more a movement than a music style. I mean, there are a lot of artists self-proclaimed "Nintendocore" who play every kind of metal. The compilation you just mentioned is a good example, and that's pretty great!

I often say as a joke I play "Baguettecore" to not rack my brain. Try to explain to someone else this kind of music... I gave up haha

Are there any artists you are really enjoying right now?

Yes ! Agalloch, Bell Witch, Veil Of Maya, Frontierer, Hate Eternal, The Algorithm, Pryapisme, Venetian Snares, Oyaarss and many many more...

Is there anything you can tell us about your creative process? Do you start with guitar riffs, synth lines, etc?

It depends. Most of the time I start wanting to express my feelings, strumming my guitar for a while, finding some drum patterns, and then add synths.
It works like an adventure.
I very rarely start a music by the end ... Usually I start with the first riff, then the second, the third so on... and then I see where it leads me! Sometimes it's just a dead end, sometimes I have moments of doubts, sometimes there is a plot twist! And I try to advance to the end of the story.

Do you make your albums with song placement in mind? When “If The World Would Stop Spinning I Don’t Think I’d Miss It” I felt like it was perfectly placed in the middle of the album. Was that intentional?

Yes, most of the time when I finish a music I know where it will take place in the album, if it goes well with another or not. That's my way to tell a little story, to make travel.

Do you have a favorite VST?

With no hesitations, Chipsounds from Plogue. It's kind like the motherships, no, the final boss of the chiptunes VST! It's very comprehensive! I even BOUGHT it, just to say.

What is next for Heptaedium?

First I'm gonna bite something because I'm really hungry.
Eventually later in the day I would go poop because I did not poop yesterday. Something is already knocking at the gate.
Also, a 7 tracks EP is planned for February 2018!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

SSC​/​/​KnH by Senpai Suicide Club & Kizumono no Hanako

Artist- Senpai Suicide Club & Kizumono no Hanako
Album- SSC//Knh
Date- October 2017
Country-Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: Cybergrind,Nintendocore
Facebook:Senpai Suicide Club
Track List:
1.Senpai Suicide Club - Serene & Cierra 00:59
2.Kizumono no Hanako - 兄の変態 02:48

Sunday, 8 October 2017

How Long Shall I Suffer Here ? by Heptaedium

Artist- Heptadium
Album-How Long Shall I Suffer Here?
Date- October 2017
Country-Paris, France
Genre: Nintendocore, Metal, Djent
Track List:
1.Enter 01:32
2.How Long Shall I Suffer Here ? 03:13
3.When I'll Die... All Will Be Lost Forever Gone 03:39
4.Subpixel Carryover 03:33
5.If The World Would Stop Spinning I Don't Think I'd Miss It 03:50
6.Asphyxiate 03:59
7.Mara 03:20
8.I Wanna Make You Believe In Me 03:16
9.But I Feel So Weird These Days 02:55
10.I'm So Scared 01:41

Arcana Profane by Unicorn Hole

Artist- Unicorn Hole
Album-Arcana Profane
Date-September 2017
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook: Unicorn Hole

Track List:
1.Which Witch Two 03:50
2.Til Stigmas Cease 03:02
3.Steadfast Outcast 03:20
4.Chill for a Spell 04:00
5.Arcana Profane 03:12
6.The Setting Obscene 04:00
7.Kat and Mouse 03:36
8.Mismatch / Impact 04:01
9.At Sixes and Sevens 05:02
10.Peril Impending 04:36

Vol. 1: Enter Command by Bad Command Co_

Artist- Bad Command Co_
Album- Vol. 1: Enter Command
Date- September 2017
Country-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Facebook-Feed The Bears
Genre: Nintendocore

Track List:
1.Arjax - SuperRobotKidAdventures 03:46
2.Noichan - FEELIN' IT 03:16
3.Feed The Bears & Noichan - Samurai Speed 04:47
4.ABBI - Teamwork! 02:45
5.Feed The Bears - It's 20XX (Arjax Remix) 03:18
6.Kōri - ILU ILU 03:19
7.Noichan - Binary 02:40
8.Erick - Woof 02:06
9.Noichan & ABBI - 2Activate 01:43
10.Feed The Bears - Tetris Apocalypse 01:53
11.Arjax - Future Vision 03:09
12.Noichan - Stoopid Sexxxi Flanderz 02:18
13.The Queenstons - Humanoid (Feed The Bears Remix) 03:41
14.Kōri - 10 A.M. 02:48
15.Kōri & ABBI - Macropetala 04:15