Saturday, 15 November 2014

Rumble Pack by Senpai Suicide Club

Artist- Senpai Suicide Club
Album- Expansion Pack
Date- November 2014
Country- Vancouver, British Columbia
Facebook- Senpai Suicide Club
Genre: Nintendocore, Cybergrind

1.RCP90 Paintball Mode On 00:32 
2.We Opened For The Indigo-Go's 01:29  
3.That Mission Where You Race Claude 01:04 
4.Bob Hoskins' Tennis 01:03   
5.John Leguizamo's Haunted Mansion 00:22   
6.Slippy's Pretty Hot For An Anthropomorphic Frog Person 01:14  
7.Lvl. 38 Digi-Bard 01:30  
8.I've Got Frontrow Tickets To Loveless 00:52  
9.At Least I'm The Hero Of Kvatch 00:54 
10.Make More Golden Sun Games (That Franchise Has Nowhere To Go But Up) 00:56  
11.Del Perro Street Cleaning Committee 00:26  
12.Time Trial 01:18

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