Sunday, 5 July 2015

Cel Shade Seppuku by Various Artist

Artist-Senpai Suicide Club, a cellophane jackal, Rotten Blood
Album- Cel Shade Seppuku
Date- May 2015
Country-Canada, USA
Genre: Cybergrind, Nintendocore, lolicore

Track List:1.a cellophane jackal - eat shit and live forever 04:08
2.a cellophane jackal - using my body to worship myself 01:52
3.a cellophane jackal - a sad death alone in a cave 03:35
4.Rotten Blood - Stuck 03:25
5.Rotten Blood - Your Being is a Lie 03:07
6.Rotten Blood - Dont Walk Away 01:58
7.Senpai Suicide Club - The Great Ape War 00:43
8.Senpai Suicide Club - PaRappa The Rapper On The Beat 00:51
9.Senpai Suicide Club - Stay Gold Ponyta 01:13

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