Friday, 27 November 2015

Misunderstood Villains by Nintendocore Lives

Artist- Various
Album-  Misunderstood Villains
Date- November 2015
Country-The Internet
Genre: Nintendocore,Cybergrind

Track List:
1.She Wants The D-Pad - Ballad O' Bowser 03:34
2.Unicorn Hole - The King of Evil 06:37
3.Star Road - I've Got More Arms Than You Do A Life 01:15
4.Tyler Hendricks - Nightmare 04:46
5.Poopmaster - Mecha Hitler 04:32
6.Are You Afraid Of The Dog - Peace Is But A Shadow 02:53
7.Shotgun Guy - Code Name Destroy Daisy 02:06
8.Proto Buster - Dr.Wilys Revenge Proto Buster 02:01
9.GooPedigree and the Flea Squad - The Ballad of Queen Slug for a Butt 02:02
10.Falcon Pawnch feat Andrew G - As Darkness Swept The Earth 03:31
11.Chasing Chain Chomps - Andross 03:05
12.A Challenger Approaches - Call Me The Egg Man 05:36

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