Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Lost Lvls. by In The Low

Artist- In The Low
Album-Lost Lvls.
Date-September 1st,2016
Country-Houston, Texas
Genre: Electronic, Prog Rock, Djent

Track List:
1.Title Screen 01:17
2.Up, Down, Left, Right, B, Start (See Ya Later!!!) 03:27
3.Djenty Lips 04:35
4.Nullify 04:17
5.7 Days 7 Hours 7 Minutes 02:55
6.Party Over HERE?!?! 04:50
7.Testing My Patience At 5AM 04:46
8.Lost Forest Zone (Act Infinity) 03:59
9.Another Slow Song For The Ladies 02:53
10.The Final Act l: The Linear 05:34
11.The Final Act ll: The Dysfunctional 07:28 

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