Wednesday, 8 March 2017

グレイブブラッドの魔女 by Cojam

Album- グレイブブラッドの魔女
Date- March 2017
Country- Leningradskaya oblast, Russia
Facebook- Cojam
Genre: Experimental, Nintendocore

1.Anxiety 01:09
2.Panties 05:07
3.Never (ft. Marisahates) 04:45
4.Fell In Love With A Vampire Girl 05:56
5.Save Vika 02:47
6.Graveblood River 02:57
7.Shadows Of Pines 05:30
8.Night Guests 04:10
9.The Nightmare 05:16
10.Touching The Star 05:40

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