Thursday, 27 April 2017

Some P​{​eople Neve​}​r Grow Up by Particle Damage

Artist- Particle Damage
Album- Some P​{​eople Neve​}​r Grow Up
Date- April 2017
Country-Poughkeepsie, New York
Facebook: Particle Damage

Track List:
1.The birth(and death) of Shanebot. 01:19
2.Put my body in the dumpster for the rats and seagulls to eat 01:40
3.Dr malkovitch, The great graphologist who studys the delicate calligraphy of the babylonians 00:42
4.Golden Meteor Shower 01:35
5.I can't remember the last time i smiled and meant it 01:48
6.Loading...Loading...Loading... 00:12
7.Don't worry about it because im not worrying about it ethier 00:06
8.The ballad of the terrible triumph of Thomas J. Cutekitten(Junior Birdman) 03:25
9.Pick up the phone. Hear it EXPLODE!!! 02:19
10.Unintentional Waffle Birth 00:33
11.The fucking worst of it. 02:12

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