Sunday, 8 October 2017

How Long Shall I Suffer Here ? by Heptaedium

Artist- Heptadium
Album-How Long Shall I Suffer Here?
Date- October 2017
Country-Paris, France
Genre: Nintendocore, Metal, Djent
Track List:
1.Enter 01:32
2.How Long Shall I Suffer Here ? 03:13
3.When I'll Die... All Will Be Lost Forever Gone 03:39
4.Subpixel Carryover 03:33
5.If The World Would Stop Spinning I Don't Think I'd Miss It 03:50
6.Asphyxiate 03:59
7.Mara 03:20
8.I Wanna Make You Believe In Me 03:16
9.But I Feel So Weird These Days 02:55
10.I'm So Scared 01:41

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