Wednesday, 29 June 2016

可愛い by Weekly Words And Grammar

 可愛い cover art
Artist-Weekly Words And Grammar
Date-June 2016
Facebook: Weekly Words And Grammar

Track List:
1.Self-aggrandizing Intro 00:31
2.Take Me Back to 2008 01:11
3.Analog Laifu, Digital Waifu (ft. Jt of Decepticon Theory) 01:29
4.Hikkikomori Diaries 02:28
5.Love Song for a Skeleton 01:21
6.Meme Heck 2016 (ft. Unicorn Hole) 02:25
7.かわいい M E M E 4 2 0 です 01:50
8.RIP in Peace 00:51

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