Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Destruction Luster by Destruction Luster

Destruction Luster cover art
Artist-Destruction Luster
Album-Destruction Luster
Date-July 2016
Genre: Genesis Metal,Nintendocore

Track List:
1.Opening/Demo: Gallant Force Unites Under The Banner Of Justice And Protection 03:33
2.Password: The AI's Cryptic Message 01:42
3.Main Menu/Ship Select: The Rumble Of Atomic Destroyer Engines 03:20
4.Stages 1 & 4: Death Rides The Clouds On The Horizon 04:02
5.Options Menu: The Respite From The Action 00:59
6.Boss Theme #1: The Rise And Fall Of Destruction's Luster 04:37
7.Stages 2 & 5: Into The Hearts Of The Cosmic Beasts 04:46
8.Death/Continue?: You Rest, We've Got Your Back 02:30
9.Boss Theme #2: It Just Won't Fucking Die 04:51
10.Stages 3 & 6: The Legend Of G-Force And Heavy Driver 03:00
11.Credits: If You Need Us We'll Be In The Sea Of Stars Above 03:18

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