Monday, 6 November 2017

Reality Beyond the Horizon by Anti-PizzaBoy

Artist- Anti-PizzaBoy
Album- Reality Beyond the Horizon
Date- November 2017
Country-Krasnodar, Russia
Genre: Nintendocore
Track List:
1.Welcome! 01:06
2.Soundtrack for QTE Battle 02:20
3.His Name Is Freezing (feat. Unicorn Hole) 03:58
4.W.A.I.F.U. 02:30
5.Player vs. Player (feat. Semyon Bolton) 03:38
6.Don't Worry, Everything Comes to an End 01:54
7.Diclonius (feat. ThyHarvesting) 03:12
8.Noire Dreams 03:50
9.Bloodlines (feat. Shotgun Guy) 03:17
10.Go Home 05:54

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