Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Cultural Appropriation by Kawaii Killing Spree

Artist -Kawaii Killing Spree
Album-Cultural Appropriation
Date- November 2017
Country-Ottawa, Canada
Facebook-Kawaii Killing Spree

Track List:
1.I've walked the Walk, talked the Talk, pulled the Pud & trashed the Sock 01:09
2.Deep Space VoreGore 00:16
3.Kawaii Gore Club 00:10
4.Crawling The Deepest Depths of the Dark Web 01:12
5.Z O I D S 00:27
6.Onii-Chan Chain Torture 00:39
7.C Y B E R T H R A L L 00:10
8.Weeaboo Fukboi Ritual 00:20
9.Obsidian Otaku 00:12
10.I Killed Fitty Men 00:16
11.Ooze 00:11
12.NekroComicon 00:11
13.Hululu X Grape-Kun 00:25
14.Uzumaki 00:27
15.Sent To The Shadow Realm 00:20
16.Sonichu 00:39
17.delusions of having a trap girlfriend 00:40
18.Lolicon you stick your dick in a Blender 00:12
19.Waifu Mecha Love Grind 00:34  
20.King of the Hill is the Best Anime 00:17
21.With God & Anime By My Side 00:14
22.Datageist 00:30
23.Ancient Psychic Taden War Elephant 00:13
24.Bright Souls & Sun Bros (Blessed With Good Ol' Jolly Cooperation 00:16
25.Neon Demon Lvl 666 00:12

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