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Review: I Go Poo Poo In My Undies-Go Poo Poo On Yoshi's Island

Artist – I Go Poo Poo In My Undies
Album – Go Poo Poo On Yoshi’s Island
Year – 2009
Genre – 8-Bit/Chiptune/Experimental
Myspace –
Country – Gorizia, Italy
01 Intro
02 Leave Me Alone
03 The Good Fairy Will Help Us
04 Escape From Mega Pixel GR
05 Green Apples Thunderstorm
06 Esh’s Aurunmilla
07 Staring The Stars From The Magic Tree House
08 Ready To Get Breakfast
09 Death In An Asteroid Field
10 Hi Mom
11 The Mushroom’s Forest
12 Ending (Back To Kindergarten)
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Review by Blake
2008-2010 was a great time to write 8bit and its variants. MySpace was a great place to be a musician and meet and make fans, all from the comfort of your home. Because of this relaxed atmosphere, there was a flux of 8bit music projects. A lot of these 8bit music projects wrote Nintendocore. Some would become well-known (I.E. I Shot the Duck Hunt Dog, iamerror), others weren't so well known, like the project I Go Poo Poo In My Undies.

I Go Poo Poo In My Undies is a lot different than the average Nintendocore project in that the theme isn't angs, silly fan fiction-esque video game plots, or drugs. It is about the light hearted-ness of being a Kindergarten aged kid, which is refreshing which leads me to me to the actual review.

Originality: The sampling adds a unique flair to the affair, with the happy metal meets polka drums marching along to the simple, but generally cute and fairly nice synth work. It isn't too out there, but it is enough to be slightly off-putting

Mixing: This is the worst part of the album. The mixing is generally really bad, although at times (like at the end track) it works to it's advantage.

Vocals: Random pig squeals luckily are only in a couple of songs, three at most and they are there for a few seconds but it just isn't good.

Drums: Simple Polka meets Positive Metal. Not sure how else to explain it. Pretty nice. Not very complex though.

Synths: Simple, nothing special within themselves but they simple way they are written does add to the whole young kid feel, and is bouncy and happy. You might wish for more but I blame the mixing.

Theme: Probably one of my favorite themes. It's childish, nostalgic and positive. We could use more albums and artists with this theme behind them.
(irrelevant) Album Art: Simple, Sweet, Silly and has Yoshi's Island on it. Don't hate, just dig MS Paint (Dank/Edits)

Final Verdict: It is a simple album with a nice theme and simple writing. It is almost, if not ruined by lame production but is worth a look at. 6.5/10

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