Saturday, 30 August 2014

Thats a whole lot of album! by Falcon Pawnch

Artist- Falcon Pawnch
Album-Thats a whole lot of album!
Date- August 2014
Country- Valley Head, Alabama
Facebook- Falcon Pawnch
Genre: Nintendocore

2.When All Else Fails
3.Would whoring myslef count as community service
4. Over The Horizon
5. Mindless
6. WTF This Makes No Sence
7.Immortality Has A Price (Piano Version)
8.A Paradise We Once Knew
9. Justice Isn't Justified
10.Immortality Has A Price
11. Drowning Effect
12. Washed Ashore
13. Dragon Slayer
14. A Burning Hope
15. Break Down Part 2
16. Okay, Who Drank All The Milk
17. As Darkness Swept The Earth
18. Outro
19. Andy James- Angel Of Darkness (Cover)
20. Amazing House Cover
21. Unicorn Hole - Some Shit I Better Talk While I Still Can with vocals
22. The Browning- Standing On The Edge
23. Axelay - Stage 6
24. Final Fantasy - Birth of a God Zeromus
25. Final Fantasy VIII - Extreme
26. Romancing SaGa - Final Battle
27.Dialga & Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar Super Smash Bros Brawl
28.Luigis Mansion Main Theme
29.Chrono Trigger - The Fall of Zeal (Schalas theme)
30.Chrono Cross Radical Dreams(Acoustic)
31.Top Gear - Temple SNES
32.Beavis and Butthead - Hospital (SNES)
33.Dragon ball GT Final Bout - Hikari no Willpower
34.Blaster Master Stage 1
35. Mega Man Airman's theme
36.Terranigma - Resurrection

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