Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Storybook Of Night Haunts and Fever Dreams Vol. I by The Man With 31 Faces

Artist-The Man With 31 Faces
Album-The Storybook Of Night Haunts and Fever Dreams Vol. I
Date- June 2014
Country- Stewart,Virginia
Facebook- The Man With 31 Faces
Genre: Nintendocore, Experimental, Instrumental, Industrial

2.The Cage 38
3.The Underwater City
4.Night Haunt
5.Fever Dream

Review By Blake
The Man With 31 Faces - The Story Book of Night Haunts and Fever Dreams Alright, that is a mouth-full. That is one of the longer titles I have seen for a review. That isn't important, but I thought it would be nice to share with you. The dude behind this was the same dude behind The Burning of Eterna City and As The Coffin Smiles Back. All were NxC projects, but if you check out the stuff in the albums/eps/mixes/collector's set/whatever else, there is a nice and clear evolution. He has gone more experimental, he has become less accessible but all the more enjoyable at once, a paradox if you must. HOWEVER, and this is important to remember, this is a bit more experimental and isn't meant to be super pretty, while his regular work is meant to be more enjoyable and digestible. 

Mixing: It is nasty, destructive, chaotic, yet pretty clear and not overwhelming. Pretty decent but not everyone is gonna dig it. 

Vocals: There are none. At all.

Synths: Varied. They are familiar enough to keep you tuned in and crazy enough at times to make you drop out. Not the biggest fan of how the biggest 8bit synths are done. Not a big deal, but that is something worth mentioning. Ambient synth are par perfect for this endeavor. 

Drums: They are done REALLY well. Jealous actually. I can only imagine people not liking it if they need more pop friendly percussion, which they shouldn't be jamming this album anyway. 

Originality: Each track has a different feel, which is really nice. There is a hint of the concept of pretty much destroying pop music, but it isn't heavy handed which I commend.

Concept: I love it, it is like,"pop music sucks." Pop music got destroyed. I dig it (Irrevelant) 

Album Art: Gastly as seen by a blind man. Or a ghost Pokemon fart (Indigo/League) 

Final Opinion: This isn't the best that this artist has to offer, but it is nice and rather different than a lot of music cybers are putting out lately. Not going to be everyone's playlist flame or anything, but it makes a decent conversation piece and strikes interest as what the other stuff this dude has done 7.5/10

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