Sunday, 28 February 2016

HD Remakes Round 1 by Unicorn Hole

HD Remakes Round 1 cover art

Artist- Unicorn Hole
Album-HD Remakes: Round 1
Date- February 2016
Country-Pelion,South Carolina
Genre: Nintendocore
Facebook:Unicorn Hole

Track List:
1.The King of Hyrule (with Dustin E and Poopmaster) 03:48
2.Uhole Historia (with Andy G and ChipZealot) 04:04
3.Bug Type Hype (with Curly Swope and Evaleigh) 03:19
4.Nineties Time Freeze (with Shotgun Guy and Falcon Pawnch!) 03:07
5.Denture Adventures (with Mitchell Ryan and She Wants the D-Pad) 03:38

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