Saturday, 13 February 2016

Underground Business by Heptaedium | Review

Heptadium is an extremely good musician.Underground Business is a truly exceptional album. The artwork is very well done which gives you an immediate indication to the quality of this release. The album is great start to finish.

"Dark Lanes of Mottled Cosmic Dust" is an excellent intro. I love when albums have an actual feel to them, a progression. That is something that Heptadium clearly establishes early on, this album is a listening experience. I love the "crystally" sounding synth lead on this track. The guitar work is exceptional perfect chugs/djents or whatever you want to call them.
The 2nd track is "Underground Business" which starts out really heavy. Nice rhythm riff with a sweet bounce. After about a minute the song transitions to some glitchy drums which set the background to a... saxophone solo! This whole track works perfectly. I really like the guitar work on this track as well.
"Nintendocore True Last Boss" is another track that hits right away. This track has a prolonged section that is very dance inspired with some djents. Heptaedium seems to have a firm grasp on how to compose a song. He never aimlessly builds, all the sounds are placed with reason. This song builds towards a solid final section with nice leads and hard hitting drums.
"Network Attacks" is very subdued compared to some of the other tracks on the album. The middle portion of the song features a long build up on the drums with some trippy sounding synth in the background. This transitions into another late breakdown. I like how he has made the drums sound on this release.
"Our World" is a beautiful piece of music. Heptaedium is doing something right in terms of mixing. I really like the warmness to the bass on this track. The bass sits perfectly in the mix on this song and is not over powering but yet still prominent.
"Space Cake" is really heavy. The drums are spastic and the guitar is hectic. The song returns to "normalcy" around the :40 second mark. I really like the breakdown there. The breakdown transitions into a synth lead that has a ridiculous amount of flare. Very cool instrumentation on this whole instrumental album. I know that sounds redundant but it is not. This album really seems as if a ton of thought went into each section in each song. This is not forced technicality but it is mastery in flow.
"Motionless", I think this would be the song that features a "touch of breakcore" as described by the Kitty On Fire Records site.  I am a sucker for audio clips in songs so I loved the part about how "it will only be robots walking around, feeling nothing, thinking nothing." This song has nice sounding synth and ridiculous drums. Some interesting bass work on this track too. A solid conclusion to the album.

This album is one that helps to push the nintendocore genre. Every song is well done, every song well mixed and well thought out. The production and composition on this album is incredible. I can't wait to see what Heptadium puts out next!
Underground Business cover art
Artist- Heptadium
Album-Underground Business
Date- February 2016
Country-Paris, France
Genre: Nintendocore, Chiptune, Metal

1.Dark Lanes Of Mottled Cosmic Dust 03:06
2.Underground Business 03:54
3.Nintendocore True Last Boss 04:25
4.Network Attacks 04:04
5.Our World 04:04
6.Space Cake 03:46
7.Motionless 02:22

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