Thursday, 11 February 2016

Super Duper Digi-Punk Split Vol 1. by Hiroshi Distortion, Polly Pocket, Popsicle Theory, and Senpai Suicide Club

Super Duper Digi-Punk Split Vol.1 cover art

Artist-Senpai Suicide Club/Lo Tek Dolphin Hackers of the Newark Underground
Album-Player 3: Scared Guy
Date- February 2016
Facebook- Senpai Suicide Club , Popsicle Theory, Polly Pocket
Genre: Chiptune, Nintendocore, Noisecore,Cybergrind,

1.Hiroshi Distortion - 2389 03:03
2.Hiroshi Distortion - ú, (Ï!™Ñ³-L 05:19
3.Polly Pocket - Oscar Drove Me Wilde 03:47
4.Polly Pocket - Would You Even 03:03
5.Polly Pocket - Worth it 02:59
6.Popsicle Theory - None of the Above 01:24
7.PopsicleTheory - Logging Off 01:28
8.Senpai Suicide Club - I Wish Zombies Ate My Neighbours 00:40
9.Senpai Suicide Club - Cyber Morty 00:43
10.Senpai Suicide Club - Red+Green Herb 00:55

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