Saturday, 6 September 2014

Disc Read Error by Insert Disc

Artist – Insert Disc
Album – Disc Read Error
Year – 2008
Genre – 8-Bit/Electronic
Myspace –
Country – Texas, United States

Current Wesbite: Unknown :(

2. critmebbyonemoartime
3. Kupwn
4. Leave Luck To Heaven
05 Insert Disc 2 plz
06 Loading…kk
07 199X
08 Super Happy
09 The Cake Is A Lie
10 Corrupt Data
11 Ephemeral Calm
12 Disc Read Error

Review by Travis

Maybe it is nostalgia. Maybe it is the fact that Disc Read Error is a masterpiece. I listened to Insert Disc after I listened to iamerror. They were the big dogs of nintendocore when I started listening. I’m happy to say that this album has stood the test of time. I hadn’t listened to the album from start to finish in quite some time.  This album has only improved with time. Over the past five years I have learned tons about music. I have dabbled in different genres, jammed with a few bands, and released several different albums. Whether it was my younger self listening to “Shadows Are Security” by As I Lay Dying, or my current self listening to Animals as Leaders, the album has only increased in quality. It has become more enjoyable the more I have immersed myself in music.

“I HAVE NO GREETING” is a great intro to the album. Once the twenty second mark of “critmebbyonemoartime” hits the album launches into full force.  Insert Disc uses beautiful sounding synth/chip/bit/FL presets in rapid arpeggios. Amazing lead work, great rapid kicks, rhythmic drum patterns, fast breakdowns. It is really hard to summarize the album in text. I find the whole album flows together perfectly.  You go from listening to absolute harmonious chaos, then get immersed in “Insert Disc 2 plz”, which is absolutely heavenly.  “Insert Disc 2 plz” sounds like an interlude song that would go into the best RPG ever made.  “Loading…kk” sounds like it should be in Super Mario RPG. The previously mentioned song segways into “199x” which puts the album right back into a heavier and chaotic pace. “Super Happy” is the eighth track, and the best 1:12 second song I have ever heard. It is amazing how much he was able to accomplish with such a short song.  “The Cake Is A Lie” is another song that manages to move through a whole lot of different feelings and emotion in a short period of time. The toy piano/xylophone instrument melody is quite fantastic. “Disc Read Error” is a good finale song on the album. 

Over the years I have seen people criticize his use of FL preset drums, have read Peet of iae and Monomate fame criticized IIRC the use of minor/major 7th triads. Whatever criticisms I have read on the album have not deterred my appreciation for the album. I believe it is one of the, if not the best nintendocore releases of all time. Give it a listen and appreciate the album. Years back on Myspace I remember corresponding with Inset Disc, Doctor Drank at the time. I believe he had just gotten out of jail, and made appearances on his Myspace. After that he essentially fell of the radar. It is a shame this guy has dropped off the map. I wish I knew what he was getting up to these days. It is a shame this man no longer creates music.  

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