Saturday, 6 September 2014

Expansion Pack by Senpai Suicide Club

Artist- Senpai Suicide Club
Album- Expansion Pack
Date- August 2014
Country- Vancouver, British Columbia
Facebook- Senpai Suicide Club
Genre: Nintendocore, Cybergrind

1.Are You There God? It's Me, Snake. 01:50   
2.Deus Ex And Girls Suck 01:24   
3.Heists Are Never Coming Out 00:49
4.I Fucking Hate Water Levels 00:29   
5.The Chick With The Huge Cans From Lost Planet 01:23   
6.Sephiroth Is Vincent Valentine's Son 01:07
7.Malon And Other Hylian Hunnies 01:00       
8.Spore Carriers Of Vault 22 01:24

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