Wednesday, 3 September 2014

the return of the revenge of unicorn hole (the sequel) by Unicorn Hole

Artist- Unicorn Hole
Album-the return of the revenge of unicorn hole (the sequel)
Date-March 2014
Country- Las Vegas, Nevada
Facebook- Unicorn Hole
Genre: Nintendocore, Cybergrind
Track List
1.the return of the revenge of unicorn hole (the sequel) 03:33
2. truth is, you'll likely jizz a brick when it's real 01:36 more like "too gay" am i right? 02:24
4.midi instrument number seventy nine of time 03:24
5.let us never forget the grey jinjo family 03:07
6. i got 718 problems but your mom ain't one 03:02's time we face(book) the truth 02:34
8.a thorough and objective summary of ken ham's thesis 00:01
9.i can has shitty midi bout little kitty kitties now? 02:48
10.boys play no scope, men play no warp pipes 03:38   
11.and pillowy mounds of mashed dicks 01:55
12.some shit i better talk while i still can 03:07
Review by Matt
Unicorn Hole is back, and his latest album is reminiscent of every 90s metal head kid’s childhood: Loud, fast, chaotic, and filled with chunky 16 bit instrumentals. This one man project manages to immediately come off as a lovable oddball  in the metalcore scene. The album posseses dissonant videogame inspired sound that manages to stay light hearted and inspired at all times, and like any passionate gamer surrounded by his element, there will be raging.

“The Return of the Revenge of Unicorn Hole (The Sequel)” rips right out the gate. The album tackles topics like fluffy kittens, dirty warp pipes, and mounds of mashed dicks. These silly topics provide the perfect contrast to the sharp, technical midi backing track.  While clunky at times, the dual synthetic guitars create just as brutal an environment as an organic band ever could and the screams are on par with any vocalist Epitaph records could pit against him. Mix this with joke hip hop segments, samples of meowing cats, and home recorded samples only a mother could love, and you have a hell of a great (albeit off kilter) record.

Yet for as solid as an album as this is, our artist in question falls short when he attempts to take himself seriously. The more conventional Unicorn Hole’s song structure gets, the more mundane and trapped in a box his songs feel. This is most easily noticed on his heavier efforts such as “thirteen twelve double o seven…” where Unicorn Hole tries to be so heavy that he takes away the humor and ingenuity that defines his record’s unique sound. Overall, this album is a worthy listen in the cyber scene and is more than well worth your listen

Final score: B-

Key tracks:
Today? More like “too gay” am I right?
Face(book) the truth

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  1. 100% the best of Uhole's humor era! It's use of slang, metaphor, all backed up with heavy instrumentation was a sure joy when i first discovered it back in 2014. It was definately something i haven't heard of or seen done before. sure he remade some of his best tracks from this, but nothing could compare to their source.
    And do this day I tend to listen to it both laughing my ass off and headbanging. (If you think those don't go together, fuck you)
    CHEERS! <3