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Evil Robot Love Songs EP by All Hail the Mustache

Artist- All Hail The Mustache
Album- Evil Robot Love Songs EP
Date- September 2013
Country- Hollywood, United States
Facebook- All Hail The Mustache
Genre- Nintendocore, 8 Bit Deathmetal
Track List:
1.My Fate Is Sealed With Hers
3.Rainbow Roadkill
4.B.A.C.O.N (Beyond Anything Conceivable Or Non-Existing)
5.Missing Like a Number
6.Master Sword

 Review By Blake
No, I promise you the band isn't some weird cyber from 08. Yes, the guys in the band can actually play and program their shit properly. No, it is not a pleb band either. What is it? It is Nintendocore with melodic death metal influences.
Now, if my knowledge serves correctly, the project was a single man thing, with two whole songs being put on the Rawesome split. Unfortunately, if you know the story, Rawesome has had the split go on for about four years now, and it still isn't finished. Hell, I don't think Pop Star Burst! exists anymore, and Lombardi Skies went from being NxC, to acoustic stuff, to hipster NxC. But you know, some times people get busy.  Whatever, this band is awesome and made an ep in the meantime.

Mixing: It is pretty damn decent, especially for the genre. It might be on the louder side but this is MEEEEEEEEEETAAAL!!! So, all is forgiven.

Guitar: Riffs are sexy, demanding, bouncy, catchy and yet still carries a heavier metal flair while still being NxC. Kudos.

Drums: I like the drums. They don't dominate but carry the song. I think that is a problem in a lot of louder music. 

Bass: Good, good. Nothing to speak more of here. Go get laid I guess.

Synths: TBH, if you are an NxC band and your synths are not big in your production, they probably blow monkey balls. This however, is like the guitar. God, this is my favorite part of the whole affair. Synths for days homie.

Vocals: Now, this is where it is going to iffy. Now, is that to say they are bad? Hell to the no. However, these are screamt vocals and not clean vocals, which may deter some homies away, which is fine. This may be the more decisive part of the album.

Orignality: The originality doesn't really come from the sound as the lyrics being a cross between being silly and not being shit, which is a higher quality compliment. Nothing else can be said unless a song about bacon really puts you off as too silly. You know who, the KEEP NXC KVLT!!!1! losers who seem to pop-up once in a blue moon.

Album Art: TBH, I don't really feel this. I mean, it is cool and all that there is a mustached robot, but I just don't care for the art honestly. The name pulls in more than the art. (Silly name/Meh Art)

Final Opinion: This is gonna blow your mind with the fact it is NxC with live instrumentation that is mixed well, even if it is on the louder side, silly lyrics that don't make you barf, synths the lead, guitars that hit hard, drums that don't overplay, bass that is bass. Nothing is really wrong about this album. Even the vocals are pretty decent. However, I cannot give this a 10. WHAT????? WHY? BLAKE YOU ASS!!!!!!!!
Listen, I say that because of personal taste. I am not a big fan of melodic death metal. I know, call me crazy but sometimes the influence just doesn't make me crazy over the tracks like I should. However, this is nothing but pure honey to those who don't mind NxC having a more refined taste or at least it being at the gates.


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