Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Summer of George by I Killed Techno!

Artist- I Killed Techno!
Album- Dawn Of The Final Day
Date- March 2014
Country- Mc Allen,Texas
Facebook- I Killed Techno!
Genre- Nintendocore, Digital Noise

Track List:
 1.A Grimey Love Song 01:02  
2.Lets Party Like Its Nintendo 64 02:06  
3.Forgotten Pies & The Pizza Guy 02:53  
4.I Wish Kramer Was My Neighbor 02:42  
5.STAY DRUNK! 02:55  
6.Monkey In A Meatsuit 02:08  
7.Seafoam Summer Island Vacation 1996 (IKT! & Fox Island colab.) 02:46  
8.I Killed Tomie Pt.1 02:36  
9.I Killed Tomie Pt.2 02:00

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