Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Thats a whole lot of album! by Falcon Pawnch

Artist- Falcon Pawnch
Album-Thats a whole lot of album!
Date- August 2014
Country- Valley Head, Alabama
Facebook- Falcon Pawnch
Genre: Nintendocore

2.When All Else Fails
3.Would whoring myslef count as community service
4. Over The Horizon
5. Mindless
6. WTF This Makes No Sence
7.Immortality Has A Price (Piano Version)
8.A Paradise We Once Knew
9. Justice Isn't Justified
10.Immortality Has A Price
11. Drowning Effect
12. Washed Ashore
13. Dragon Slayer
14. A Burning Hope
15. Break Down Part 2
16. Okay, Who Drank All The Milk
17. As Darkness Swept The Earth
18. Outro
19. Andy James- Angel Of Darkness (Cover)
20. Amazing House Cover
21. Unicorn Hole - Some Shit I Better Talk While I Still Can with vocals
22. The Browning- Standing On The Edge
23. Axelay - Stage 6
24. Final Fantasy - Birth of a God Zeromus
25. Final Fantasy VIII - Extreme
26. Romancing SaGa - Final Battle
27.Dialga & Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar Super Smash Bros Brawl
28.Luigis Mansion Main Theme
29.Chrono Trigger - The Fall of Zeal (Schalas theme)
30.Chrono Cross Radical Dreams(Acoustic)
31.Top Gear - Temple SNES
32.Beavis and Butthead - Hospital (SNES)
33.Dragon ball GT Final Bout - Hikari no Willpower
34.Blaster Master Stage 1
35. Mega Man Airman's theme
36.Terranigma - Resurrection

Review by Blake

Falcon Pawnch - That's a Whole Lot of Album Tbh, I never jammed this dude's music on MySpace. I always jammed it on and boy was I not disappointed! I loved the style! It was like damned good metal core meets 8bit with a cheesy 90's metal flair. It was very different from the NxC scene at the time. The style was pretty much iamerror worship (It still kinda is but has greatly evolved the formula, TYBG). How does a NxC artist keep his core style but evolve over time? Fortunately, he has done it pretty well so no nasty review from me.

Mixing: The guitar is heavy, the drums thunder along, the synths illuminate the path but doesn't blind you sonically, it is really nice and helps add some necessary cheese factor.

Guitar: This is done amazingly. The tone and writing style is like a cross between 90's metal, good metalcore, and F-Zero X. It is pretty damn swaggy. 

Piano: Kinda X-Japan meets Manowar. I mean, I know that sounds weird, but it works and isn't too out there. 

Synths: The synths truly illuminates the path but does blind the composition sonically. It is a nice complimentary piece, just needs to be more prominent in my personal opinion, but it is once again pretty nice. 

Drums: THUNDER OF THE METAL! It isn't going to be like,"Holy shit, 3 min drum solo", but bro, who needs that floaty shit. Dis dat real shit. 

Concept: Half Cover, Half Original NxC Double Album. Critical Hit, too damn intense. I like it. 

Originality: Now, this isn't as crazy or innovative as a lot of 2nd Gen NxC artists are. Does that make it bad? HELL NO YOU ANTHONY FANTANO WANNABE!!! It is NxC done right for those who dig the metal, which isn't common. 

Covers: They are really damn nice, but this depends more on if you like the originals and if you compare them to the covers and you like the covers as well. This is a nice 2nd half of the album. 

Album art: It is simple and I want merch using the art. No, I demand merch. (t-shirt/friendly) 

Final Opinion: This isn't aiming to be some ultra-fusion of some sort. This is truly just Nintendocore done with a stronger, purer, cheesier metal flavor that is refreshing, yet familiar and frankly, I really dig it. This makes me wanna crack out out a N64 game or SNES game and just play with my buddies and be pumped as hell while doing it. Not enough bands do that in general and I applaud that. This may not be a crazy wtf album, but what it is a FUCK YEAH!!! album and that's all I need today. 


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