Monday, 29 September 2014

There will be Bears by Dinotrax

Artist- Dinotrax
Album- There will be Bears
Date- June 2009
Country- Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania
Facebook- Dinotrax
Genre- Nintendocore

Track List:
1.7 years 02:27
2.Books, Fuck Books 02:33
3.Chaos Casino 02:57
4.Creeps up, Bloods down 03:08
5.Dolphins are Photogenic 02:17
6.Don't go into the Forest alone 02:30   
7.Secrets of the Forbidden City 03:06
8.There's no cinnabuns on Cinnabar Island 03:11
9.When Stars Have Nightmares 02:28
10.Where it all Began 02:30   
11.Who's the dick blocking the road? 03:23

Review by Blake 

A classic from the classical era of Nintendocore. From the golden age of Myspace, no doubt about it! Hell, I loved this project then. But the question is my bromies, does it still hold up? Is it still a nice album, or just a nostalgic piece of crap? Let us go through, the cyber zone.

Vocals: To be honest, they aren't bad, especially for the genre in mind. Unfortunately, they aren't the highest quality nor the best, but whatev. More of a personal thing I would imagine, but is better than Trout Yogurt vox.

Drums: The drums I am pretty sure it is just drumkit from hell on this album, but not a bad affair. I do feel as if the kick drums is too dominating and if the drums are too basic, but there are nice parts and they certainly do the job, but they could be done better.

Guitar: It's the show chuggington if it was about guitar playing mixed with power chords and some distortion. A little too simple but it fits the album just fine. Just wish more was done with it.

Lyrics: God, these are such relics I don't know how to take them. But hey, they are entertaining.

Synths:A mix between amazing or at least cool (Support synths) to "Nice shit, but be creative mate" (Lead Synth melodies). It's a good yet bad thing. I view it as good, but I cant rate it too high due to lack of originality :((((((

Mixing:You can hear everything, but it is unintentionally lower quality and should have been mixed better for swaggier brutal tones bro.

Album Art: It is classic NxC right here. Either really bad or really good shit for this genre's era in album art. This is donkey poo (No Shrek/ No Love)
Overall Opinion: An album that wasn't a bad entry for the genre at the time and remains a classic for that, if nothing else. Honestly, the album that had the Brutal Nintendocore formula and did it well was Dinotrax's "Origins". But this isn't that great, but isn't a terrible listen, worth checking out for history's sake.
Final Verdict: 6.5/10

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  1. My favorite Dinotrax albums are as follows:
    1. Pokemon Split
    2. Origins
    3. Interconnect
    4. There Will be Bears

    Personally I feel they did a WHOLE lot better with their pokemon tracks and Origins. But i must say they started off with a br00tal structure with that release.