Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Test 2 by Vulcan Tea Party Review

Artist- Vulcan Tea Party
Album- New Test 2
Date- March 2014
Country- California, USA
Genre- Synth Pop, Nintendocore
Track List:
1- Spring Time
2- Enticing Simper

Review by Matt
The best nintendocore album of 2014 may have come without a single breakdown. Volcan Tea Party is a band from The Redlands, CA that manages to channel the legends of dream pop while still maintaining a strong sense of individuality. A firm believer in minimalism, VTP’s true glory lies in its ability to take a single idea and expand it into a breath taking soundscape. Lonely pianos and bass lines grow and evolve into lush layers of reverb and full bodied synthesized walls of sound, all topped off with a gorgeous and hypnotizing lead vocal.
The singing on this album serves a double purpose. It acts both as an additional layer of notes building upon the relaxing instrumentals as well as a powerful platform to display the vivid imagery provided in the lyrics. Themes of existentialism, loneliness, and redemption run through this album, keeping the message as full and encompassing as the songs themselves. Lines such as “Your image masticates my brain” drive home how painful the memories that inspired this album were; it’s amazing that such tortured lines can be given with a cool, nonchalant delivery.
Overall, this album crafts itself into a virtually flawless experience that I can’t even bring myself to find a negative aspect of. Long live the wall of sound.

Final Grade: A+
Key track: Enticing Simper

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